Everything to know about Jake Paul and Dana White controversy Explained

Jake Paul and Dana White are having differences because Dana White who is president of UFC has issues with Jake Paul. Jake Paul who has won 5 fights to date from the beginning of his career has called out Dana White stating that what he provides to UFC fighters is not enough. On New Year jake Paul wished Dana White a very happy New Year on Twitter and also called him out with terms and conditions that if he is ready to provide then he will have his last career fight with Jorge Masvidal.

In the post, he asked out if Dana White is ready to pay $50,000 to every UFC player for their fights and also cover their insurance and Whatever company earns 50% of that. Also, he demanded that there should long term Health insurance benefits. this all started when Dana White said in a press conference that when fighting in the ring if a player suffers Brain damage it is all part of the gig.

This comment was not taken lightly by the people and it started a debate that UFC is not what it seems to be. Many people are Happy with Jake Paul as he is taking a stand for the People in the industry but many believe this to be just a stunt part. Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul both are known in the industry as troublesome and everyone knows about their controversy.

But this is not it When Jake Paul tweeted what he wants and if it is given to him and everyone also then he will quit. But in response, Dana White made a video and lashed out with accusations against jake Paul that if he is allowed to test jake Paul for taking steroids for his fights and many other things that too for years at any time. Also, he tells that if Jake Paul feels that what he is doing is incorrect Jake Paul should open his own UFC and where he could do whatever he wants.

After this Jake Paul explained in the tweet arguing that he has never taken any things like and while Dana White is avoiding the topic and doesn’t see the problem with whatever is going on the UFC is wrong. This has brought up issues like pay gap health insurance.

While Dana White still hasn’t replied to Jake Paul till today. But for now, things are where they left, and still, now there has been no official meeting about this or an open discussion because it is not something that can be done other than Dana White could already have decided on this. Fans and the community also it’s time to openly discuss what is going on there and it should have more clarity on the fighters and their health. In the future, we might see a change on this but as of now, the topic is still new and open to Debate.


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