Minka Kelly was FORCED to do NUDE SCENES for Euphoria – Rumor Explained

The tension is increasing. The rumors are crossing the limits. Euphoria is again on our radar. We all know what the rumors are saying. Euphoria’s production team is labeled as toxic. Today, we have Minka Kelly on the list. A few weeks back she opened up about her Euphoria experience. The teenage drama series has gained huge popularity out there. Rue is surely loved by many out there. But some are heavily objecting against the show. It is surely not a good sign for Euphoria. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just down here.

Minka Kelly Was Not Comfortable During The Nude Scenes- Are The Rumours True?

As per our inner sources, the rumors are true. Minka Kelly was not feeling comfortable. She objected against the nude scenes. This is not our cooked-up story. She has herself made those statements. A few weeks back, the gorgeous star was captured in an exclusive interview. She opened up about her latest Amazon Prime series. Minka plays the role of Samantha in Euphoria. She has recently joined the cast list. We heard so much about Samantha in Euphoria season 1. Finally, the character comes into life in Euphoria Season 2.

Minka shared some of her experiences with us. Initially, she told us, she wasn’t ready for the nude scene. It was her first day on the set of the show. She wasn’t comfortable with her surrounding. She directly addressed her problem to Sam. The director was really understanding towards her. He beautifully modified the whole scene. As of now, the rumors which say Minka was forced for the nude scenes, are wrong. She wasn’t forced in any way possible. With time, she created a bond with the other crewmates, she grew familiar with the other cast members. As per her statements, it was a good experience for her. She learned numerous things from Sam Levinson.

Euphoria’s Production Is Toxic! Is The Statement True?

Well, the critics think so. There are too many nude scenes in the show. So far we have witnessed two prolonged seasons of the show. Currently, we are waiting for Euphoria season 3. Fans are excited to witness another season of the show. But the critics don’t think that way. Moreover, as per our inner sources, the director was biased towards some of the cast members. On one hand, we have Minka Kelly who talks in favor of the show. Her experience was really smooth.

Well, on the other hand, we have Barbie Ferreira who is absolutely against the show. According to Barbie’s statement, the experience wasn’t nice for her. That’s not all, the crew also had objections against the filming of the show. The timings were ridiculous, they used to film mostly during early mornings and midnights. Well, the main truth is surely hidden somewhere. Most of the cast members are tuning with Minka Kelly. We will keep you updated about this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting movies and shows, stay connected with us, just right here.

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