Matthew McConaughey visits Uvalde hometown after shootout to comfort residents

We are here to share the big news which is surfacing through as Matthew McConaughey has made a big gesture that is being appreciated throughout after the tragedy fell in Texas.

Matthew McConaughey is known to be a famous actor who has achieved almost everything in the industry and mentioning the fact that the personality is also known for his stand out as a bigger role model and thus he did exactly a big thing recently to put an example out there.

Matthew returned to his hometown named Uvalde this Friday as he went over to pay his respects to all the victims of the tragedy which befell an Elementary school and a mass shooting that took place at the time.

Matthew McConaughey paid his respects to the victims and took a stand for the situation

The sources reported that the personality was busy with some schedule but left everything at once to be present in this tough period of time and also stand with people who have been through this difficult time too. The personality posed with the members of the Uvalde School and this was three days after the tragedy which befell.

Also mention the part that the shocking event which took place over the time left everyone speechless as the 18-year-old gunman headed to the Robb Elementary Classroom and opened fire in an instant and went on to kill a total of 19 children in the class along with two teachers and thus the situation has left everyone devastated and caught the attention from all around the world after what happened.

Matthew made over his visit at the time and the sources reported that he did not talk to the reporters when he made the visit and thought he went up straight ahead to pay his respects to the victims. The main members of the school district also came along to thank Matthew McConaughey for the gesture and thus appreciated him in order to help heal the community and also stated that his visit brought a number of smiles and basically his gesture was appreciated throughout.

Matthew on the other was raised in Uvalde and spent his year years in the Southwest Community of Texas he and his family then moved to East Texas for the Longview not only this but his mother was a teacher down the road from Elementary School and thus now everyone can understand why the school and the town are close to him.

Moreover to mention that Matthew came forward on his social media to call out for action after what kind of situation took place and also stated that there could not be any kind of excuses after this and it is safe to say that this should not go into denial in the community and that everyone should come along for the action so that the same thing could not be repeated ever again.

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