Russian Su-35 SHOT DOWN by Ukrainian Mig-29 near Kherson

After the war started between Ukraine and Russia. Russia is very heavy and powerful in its military forces. But the Ukraine military forces are also not giving up. They are also fighting from the beginning. They are using Ukraine natives to fight against Russia in the war. A Russian Su-35 was shot down by Ukrainian Mig-29 near Kherson.

Russian Su-35 was shot down by Ukrainian Mig-29

A Russian fighter jet Su-35 was allegedly shot down by the Ukrainian Mig-29 in a fight on Friday, afternoon. As per the tweet which is posted by the Armed forces of Ukraine. This event is marked as the second attack of its kind since early April.

The Ukrainian Air force stated on Twitter that the Su-35 was looking to hunt their assault aircraft, and the Ukrainian Air force also stated on Twitter that this is a Glory for pilots and Death to the occupiers. Ukrainian Air force words are noted below.

“Today, May 27, at about 2pm, a MiG-29 fighter of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine shot down a Russian Su-35 fighter in the sky of the Kherson region, which was hunting for Ukrainian assault aircraft.”

“Glory to Ukrainian pilots! Death to the occupiers!”

Ukrainian Air force stated in Twitter.

On Friday the General Staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine reported that Russia has lost 29750 troops, 1322 tanks, 3246 armed fighting vehicles, 623 artillery systems, 201 multiple launch rocket systems, 93 air defense systems, 206 warplanes, 170 helicopters, 115 cruise missiles, 13 warships, 2226 military vehicles, and 48 units of special types of equipment all since the start of this invasion of Russia.

About Su-35

The Sukhoi Su-35 and NATO (Noth Atlantic Treaty Organization) reporting name are Flanker-E is designed for two improved derivatives of the Su-27 Air defense fighter. They are single-seat and twin-engined. The Su-35 is designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and built by the Komsomolsk-on-Armor Aircraft Plant. This multi-role fighter aircraft’s top speed is 2778 km/hour and it ranges from 3600 km. The two-engined fighter jet has a distinct avionics system that uses a digital information control system and a new radar system that can effectively engage eight targets at a time. The Su-35 fighter jet is estimated to cost about 65 million dollars.

What happened in early April this year?

In early April this year, the Ukrainian Air force announced that it had shot down a Russian Su-35 that was on a SEAD(Suppression of Enemy Air Defences) mission. This event marked the first documented downed fighter of its kind in the Ukrainian War.

At the time the fighter jet was hit in the sky over the Izyum region of eastern Ukraine about 75 miles from Kharkiv. The Russian pilot was captured by the Ukrainian armed force who even managed to intercept a conversation with the Russian military about a possible rescue operation. The Ukraine Air force also tweeted this big success. They destroyed a Russian Su-35 back in April this year, as the Su-35 is on a SEAD mission. The Russian offensive in Ukraine has not been going smoothly as Russian President Vladimir Putin would have hoped.

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