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Madelyn Cline CHEATING on Chase Stokes with Zack Bia is why they Broke Up, Rumor Explained


Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes might just split after they dated each other for only one year. Regardless… an insider told the news magazines that these two co-actors are not on any bad terms at all! The insider also says that they are focusing on working it out for a while now but at the end of the day they decide to go to choose different ways for the best.

These two actually met each other at the time when they were recurring John B. and Sarah Cameron in the show called Outer Banks. But as their works have put them together before, now that exact work is helping them a lot while they decide to call it quits.

The imaginary love story became popular overnight and the fans went crazy over the show when the first installment was released back in April of 2020. After almost 3 months these two co-stars declared that their romance is now not only limited to the tv screens. After a while, when the second season was released, the star of Knives Out 2 declared the approach she has taken when she was shooting on the set with her partner. The native of South Carolina has given an explanation about how it was necessary for these two to split their personal lives from their work lives.

The fans started to gossip about their separation and made many speculations about it when the couple wasn’t seen together for a while. After a few months, they, at last, confirmed that they are not dating each other anymore.

Is Madelyn Cline Dating Zack Bia?

Then what is the current status of Madelyn Cline? The star of Outer Banks, Madelyn Cline was seen while doing her birthday celebration with Disc Jokey Zack Bia recently. And this incident has given birth to a new kind of rumor that they are dating. These two were spotted at the Italian hotel in Santa Monica, Giorgio Baldi. On one hand, these rumored pairs have been snapped by the paparazzi, on the other hand, the popular rumor account for celebrities, Deuxmoi has declared that these two are going out. This account, represented on Instagram is famous and has made a record as the news that this account update is kinda accurate. The account also confirmed that this news is coming from some source that is totally reliable. Before all this Madelyn Cline was connected to the star from 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler which followed the recent split with her partner Chase Stokes.

Recently the disco jokey Zack Bia has reached an astounding milestone of having 479k followers on Instagram. The celebrity from social media and the disco jokey has garnered some serious popularity recently after they appeared side by side with Playboi Carti and Drake.

Now, the popular singer drake has tagged Zack Bia on his official Instagram handle multiple times and even featured him on one of his videos, Money in The Grave. The disco Jokey Zack Bia is also renowned for promoting clubs. This career of his was skyrocketed with the assistance of Fetty Wap.

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