Dakota Johnson STILL LOVES Chris Martin and will GET BACK to him if he wants


Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin have been in a relationship since 2017 and apparently, it is a rumour that they both have broken up. While Dakota Johnson is a person who doesn’t shy away from admitting her relationship. She has been known for her popular role in 50 Shades of Grey. Chris Martin is a famous member of the group Coldplay. Before coming into a relationship with Dakota Johnson, Chris was Was married to Gwyneth Paltrow. Dakota Johnson and  Chris Martin have been together in the lockdown and it is rumoured at the beginning of 2021. They have decided to say goodbye to each other and decided to part away. While they had decided to say goodbye to each other, but still seems like Dakota Johnson is not a work. Chris Martin and it’s ready to take him back if he decides he wants to be back with her.

What are they Both Currently doing in their lives?

While Dakota Johnson is currently telling about how Covid 19 has changed her life and has done many things that the world can’t imagine. She has been constantly telling about how it is destroying love and her way should be contaminated and we should be controlled. In 2021, she was seen being reunited with the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey and they had a major interview in which she told about all the news and all the details about the movie and all the background stories they had while shooting for the movie.

Well, Chris Martin is currently diagnosed with Covid 19 and he has been going under treatment in the hospital. Well, Coldplay has decided that they have to call off their all other concerts becaus all the members of Coldplay have been currently tested with Covid 19.

What do their Fans think of them getting back together?

The friends have mixed reactions and think that they should not get together as it didn’t work out the first time, so it will not work out the second time also. But the fans have other opinions also, who think that the couple looks very awesome together and they should get back. You get there as soon as possible as they would love to see them hanging out together and that Dakota Johnson has been really happy with Chris Martin.

What about Rumors that they are still Together?

When it is true that they are seen together, sometimes from time to time, but that is just them catching up as they are not on bad terms with each other. They just know that their relationship didn’t work out, so they still love to see each other as friends and from time to time like to be in each others company. While many believe under the hood, they are secretly dating each other and they want to show their relationship to the world as of now.


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