Liam Hemsworth is Still NOT OVER after Miley Cyrus DUMPED and DIVORCED Him and Here’s Why

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are the reason when in and after 2010 people loved them from their series and loved the two on the tv for the first and since after that they most were seen together.

They both met on a show and on their own they started hanging out with each other and in many interviews, Miley Cyrus said that he is the best friend.

They both go back to when they officially started seeing each other and were happy about but initially they broke up in 2016 and from there, things started to get bad for them but Liam Officially came back to her in 2017 December and from then they were together and that’s when they decided to get married.

The couple remained married for 2 years and decided to get divorced way back in January 2021.

While in an interview Miley Cyrus fully revealed why she and Liam Hemsworth got divorced.

She told in an exclusive interview held in February that she loved the silence and didn’t want to fight when she came from work and would love someone who would understand and calm her. She told that there were lots of fights and no one was agreeing to one thing that when things went out of control to the point where they couldn’t handle it and decided to get divorced.

To this news, people expected that it would make Liam Hemsworth angry but in fact, when he was interviewed he showed no concerns for it.

But he was sad when they broke up and he is not moved on with and is currently been dating someone and supposedly they are doing well together.

It was the most shocking to the people when Miley Cyrus said that she is in still love with Liam Hemsworth not to say but she added quite a very word much time before saying that.

She also said that there would be always a part of her that would love Liam Hemsworth and there is no way on earth that she would not love him.

Now there is a Rumor that Liam Hemsworth is acting like he is fine and everything is going on well but the fact he is completely broken and he is still trying to patch things in any way possible for him with Miley Cyrus.

The fact they e meant to be together and in past also they have done things like these where they broke off and went their separate ways and eventually ended up together.

When it comes to Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, Hemsworth is been like this and no wonder their relationship became like that now maybe this is one of his tricks for the long run but nothing can be honestly said about the two of them.

Liam had Told in an Interview that he Still feels nothing is over it’s just the fact that differences came and they had to be like this.

That’s our verdict but we will keep you updated on the rest in case anything we hear.


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