Kai is Related to Tiffany Haddish: How the Claim to Fame Contestant Revealed Her Celebrity Connection

Who is Kai?

Kai, whose real name is Jasmine English, is a contestant on the ABC reality show Claim to Fame, which features people who are related to celebrities living together and trying to guess each other’s famous relatives. Kai joined the show in 2022 and quickly became one of the most intriguing and mysterious players. She was known for her strategic moves, her friendly personality, and her stunning fashion sense.

Kai’s identity was revealed in the sixth episode of Claim to Fame, which aired on August 15, 2022. The episode featured a fashion show challenge, where the contestants had to wear an outfit that gave a clue about their celebrity connection. Kai chose to wear a white dress that looked very familiar to many viewers. It turned out to be the same dress that comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish wore to several red carpet events between 2017 and 2018. Haddish had famously said that she spent $4,000 on the Alexander McQueen dress and wanted to get her money’s worth by rewearing it.

When it was time for the guesser, Amara, to reveal Kai’s identity, she correctly guessed that Kai was Tiffany Haddish’s sister. Kai confirmed the answer and opened up about her relationship with her famous sibling. She said that she was very proud of Haddish’s success and that they had a close bond despite their difficult childhood. She also said that she was an ABA therapist and a game designer, and that she wanted to use the $100,000 prize money to help her family and pursue her dreams.

What Happened to Kai After the Reveal?

Unfortunately for Kai, her reveal also meant that she was eliminated from the show. She received the most votes from her fellow contestants, who saw her as a threat because of her popularity and intelligence. Kai said goodbye to her friends in the house and thanked them for the experience. She also said that she hoped to see them again in the future.

Kai’s exit from Claim to Fame was met with mixed reactions from the fans. Some were sad to see her go and praised her for being a great contestant. Others were happy that she was gone and criticized her for being too sneaky and manipulative. Many were also surprised by her celebrity connection and expressed their admiration for both her and Haddish.

What is Next for Kai?

Kai has not revealed much about her plans after leaving Claim to Fame. She has been active on social media, where she posts updates about her life and interacts with her fans. She has also been spotted hanging out with some of her former co-stars, such as Louise and L.C. She has not confirmed if she has any projects in the works, but she has hinted that she might be interested in pursuing a career in entertainment or fashion.

Kai has also been supportive of her sister Tiffany Haddish, who has been busy with her own projects. Haddish is currently starring in the Apple TV+ comedy series The Afterparty, where she plays a detective investigating a murder at a high school reunion. She is also set to appear in several upcoming films, such as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Nicolas Cage, The Card Counter with Oscar Isaac, and The Bad Guys with Awkwafina.

Kai and Haddish have not publicly commented on their appearance on Claim to Fame, but they have shown their love for each other on social media. They often share photos and videos of themselves having fun together, as well as messages of encouragement and appreciation. They have also expressed their gratitude for their fans, who have been supportive of their journey.

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