Is Jayda Curry related to Steph Curry? The truth behind the two basketball stars

Many basketball fans have been wondering if Jayda Curry, the college basketball player who plays for the California Golden Bears in the NCAA Women’s Division, is related to Steph Curry, the NBA legend who plays for the Golden State Warriors. They both share the same surname, wear the same jersey number (No. 30), and have impressive skills on the court. But are they really related?

The answer is no

The short answer is no, Jayda Curry and Steph Curry are not related to each other. Not even their ancestors are linked in any way. According to Sportskeeda, Steph Curry hails from Ohio, while Jayda Curry is from California. That alone is proof that they aren’t related at all. Then there’s also the fact that Jayda is of pure African-American descent, while Steph is a mix of African-American and White American.

Who is Jayda Curry?

Jayda Curry is a 19-year-old freshman who leads the Pac-12 in scoring with 20.3 points per game. She has already achieved many accolades during her high school seasons, such as Ms. Basketball State Player of the Year, MaxPreps California Player of the Year, 2020 Press Enterprise Player of the Year, and 2020 Riverside Player of the Year. She also holds the record for scoring the most points in a single game, with 50 points for Centennial High School.

Jayda has been a fan of Steph Curry since she was young and has tried to emulate some of his game into hers. She admires his shooting ability, his leadership, and his humility. She even got to meet him in person after a Warriors game in January 2022, thanks to the efforts of the Warriors’ senior vice president of communications Raymond Ridder and Cal’s media-relations department.

What did Steph Curry say about Jayda Curry?

Steph Curry was aware of Jayda’s performance and praised her for her success. He said that she was well on her way to a successful college career and that the sky was the limit for her. He also said that he was honored that she looked up to him and that he was happy to meet her.

He gave her a signed jersey of his and took a photo with her on the Warriors’ practice court. Jayda was overjoyed by the encounter and said that it was something surreal and that it checked off something on her bucket list.


Jayda Curry and Steph Curry are not related by blood, but they share a bond through basketball. They both wear No. 30 on their jerseys and have amazing talent on the court. They also have mutual respect and admiration for each other and have met in person once. They are both inspiring examples of hard work, dedication, and excellence in their sport.

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