Is Grace Curley Related to Mayor Curley? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Grace Curley is a popular American actress, model, and host who is well-known for her appearances on TV shows and series. She is the host of the Grace Curley Show, which is aired on Howie Carr Radio Network. She is also a columnist for the Boston Herald and a producer of the Dirty Rats podcast series

But is she related to James Michael Curley, the legendary and controversial politician who served four terms as mayor of Boston and one term as governor of Massachusetts in the first half of the 20th century

This is a question that many people have wondered about, especially since both Grace and James share the same last name and hail from the same city. Some have speculated that Grace is a descendant or a distant relative of James, while others have dismissed the idea as a mere coincidence.

The Evidence

To find out the truth behind the rumor, we need to look at the evidence from both sides. First, let’s examine the possible connections between Grace and James.

  • According to her biography on IMDb, Grace was born and raised in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, which is about 25 miles south of Boston James was born and raised in Boston, in an Irish tenement neighborhood This suggests that they have different origins and backgrounds.
  • According to her Twitter profile, Grace graduated from Providence College in 2014 James attended public schools in Boston and never went to college This indicates that they have different levels of education and career paths.
  • According to her Instagram account, Grace has nine siblings and two step-siblings James had nine children from his first marriage to Mary Herlihy, who died in 1930, and two step-sons from his second marriage to Gertrude Casey, who he married in 1937 This implies that they have different family structures and marital histories.

The Verdict

Based on the evidence above, we can conclude that Grace Curley is not related to James Michael Curley, at least not in a direct or close way. They may share some distant ancestry or common relatives, but there is no proof or indication of that. Therefore, the rumor that Grace is related to James is most likely false.

However, this does not mean that Grace has no connection or interest in James at all. In fact, she has expressed her admiration and fascination for him on several occasions. For example, in a tweet from 2019, she wrote: “James Michael Curley was one of the most colorful figures in Massachusetts politics. He was also one of my favorite topics to research when I was writing for @SpectatorUSA.” 

She also posted a photo of herself holding a book titled The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley by Jack Beatty on Instagram, with the caption: “One of my favorite books about one of my favorite politicians.”

Therefore, we can say that Grace Curley is not related to Mayor Curley by blood, but she is related to him by spirit. She admires his charisma, his style, and his legacy as a political figure who championed the needs of the working-class and the immigrants in Boston. She also recognizes his flaws, his scandals, and his controversies as part of his complex and intriguing personality.

Grace Curley may not be a descendant or a relative of James Michael Curley, but she is certainly a fan and a student of him.

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