Johnny Depp Trial Verdict: Amber Heard Found GUILT OF DEFAMING Johnny Depp, Could This Happen

We are here to talk about the big relationship controversy which has been running for a long period of time and thus the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial is almost at the point of conclusion. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s relationship has made big controversial headlines for a long period of time and though they have been facing each other in court in a legal battle and being companied by their best lawyers.

The trial has been taking some the big turns and has unveiled a lot of things about Amber Heard as it is surely looking bad for her at the time and mentioning the part that the audience is curious to cover more about the trial as it is heading towards the conclusion point and what decision will be ruled out by the jury afterall.

Amber Heard can be finally declared guilty by the jury

There has been a lot of buzzes ever since the trial has been taking place and though the sources have reported that Amber Heard is set to testify in the court this Thursday as the final witness for the case and so her defense team has been called up at the time whereas to mention that the case is being put on an awaited status by millions of people.

The final statements about the case would be made on May 27 and thus the jury would be taking up some hours in order to rule out the final decision on the same day. The jury will be going through all the documents to whether Amber Heard really defamed Depp back in 2018 and if it stands out to be true then Amber Heard will have to pay a good sum of money which is $50 million for the damages as a result of compensation but some sort of negotiation would also be done on this part.

Keeping in mind that this is a civil case and not a criminal case and neither of the personalities will be held over on criminal charges whereas to mention that one of the personality who wins the case basically receive an amount of compensation and the result are set over in this order.

Moreover to mention that a civil case can be brought upon any kind of situation whether it is about the property or any personal matters. Also to mention that it is looking bad for Amber Heard at the time as the proof has been gathered that Johnny Depp never hit Amber Heard and though she was the one who was abusive towards him and also bullied him by calling him demeaning sort of names.

It is yet to see how the situation would turn out on May 27 and how the result will be given out at the time as everyone is waiting for the verdict to arrive at the time as a lot of things have already been revealed now.

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