Johnny Depp Confirms not Dating Camille Vasquez amidst Amber Heard trial

We are here to talk about the latest relationship rumors which are turning up suggesting that Johnny Depp is dating his attorney Camille Vasquez. The ongoing trial of Johnny Depp and  Amber Heard has caught up a lot of attention at the time and mentioning the part that a lot of things are being unveiled at the period of time and the case is basically turning up against Amber Heard when a lot of proof is bring gathered by the lawyers and especially to Camille Vasquez. Also, where some of the big rumors started spreading on the internet stating that Johnny Depp has been dating his attorney Camille Vasquez and everyone is talking about it whereas the internet wants to know if the rumors are true or not.

Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez might be dating afterall as this is what the fans want

Camille has stood out to be the fan-favorite of the internet and has gotten viral on the internet ever since she grilled Amber Heard with a number of questions and also cross-examined the personality by asking some of the intense questions at the time and thus it has made some serious headlines through the time too.

Also to mention that the trial is continuing with the normal situation and thus everyone has been guessing that something is taking off between Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez as fans have also been sharing some the clips of them sharing the smiles with each other in the courtroom and thus it has gotten viral on the internet and thus forcing everyone to believe that something is going on between them.

Moreover to mention that the reporter caught up with the lawyer outside the courtroom asking the question whether she has been dating Johnny Depp at the time or not and this was the question which the representative declined to answer but ended up smiling on it and waving to the fans.

The fans are holding up big discussions and talking that the personality could be giving some of the big signs if she has been keeping the relationship private with him whereas to mention that some of the sources have mentioned that the two personalities have not been dating afterall as the news got up a whole lot of attention around but the air has been cleared afterall.

Some of the fans have been devastated after coming across the news as they have been seen sharing smiles but the sources have also stated that both of them are very good friends and which also means that it could turn out to be in a relationship if everything goes well at the time but for the main focus for both of them truly lies on the ongoing trial and what will happen in the future times between them stands out to be a mystery at the period of time.

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