Jennifer Lopez BREAKING UP with Ben Affleck CHEATING Revealed with Ana De Armas

We are here to speak on the current relationship controversy which is taking place as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been going through some challenges in their relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have a history together and thus the couple has stood out be the ideal one since the 2000s and were also regarded as the power couple. Mentioning the part that the fans have adored the couple ever since they made their relationship status public back in the 2000s as they always have been supportive of each other in tough situations.

Everything was going well for the couple at the time but little did they know that at the time that things would take up a big turn of twists at the time. The couple called the relationship off after a challenging time and though it has been twenty years before it where they are back together this is what the audience loved to see.

Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are rumored to split

Once again things were going all smooth for the couple and though they were often spotted hanging out over the time and also spotted making their appearance together at the time. It was all good for them and the couple even gave thought to move together at the time. The couple, on the other hand, has been on good terms throughout the time and it could be said basically because they have been considering moving together but things have once again taken a setback that the couple has come across and the fans are suspect that there is no going back from there.

The recently big problem that the couple faced was the time when Ben Affleck blamed his ex-wife for his drinking problems and other bad addictions and Jennifer Lopez did not find it appropriate at all there were also rumors turning around that the couple stopped talking for a period of time.

Ben Affleck

Moreover to mention that things then stood out to be stable for the couple and now once again they have come across another hurdle as the rumor is stating that Ben Affleck cheated on Jennifer Lopez with Ana De Armas as they have been spotted together recently and the big predictions and rumors are turning up at this period of time.

Whereas mentioning that nothing has been confirmed at the time but the fans are already discussing the situation on the internet and it has been capturing all the attention throughout. The big rumors are also shedding through that the couple has broken up through the time and they are currently taking their time off from things and would be trying to figure out things on their own while the fans are also suspecting that one of them might come forward to open up about the situation and address it with making it clear to everyone as what took place.

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