Jamie Foxx ANGRY & FURIOUS at Katie Holmes for USING HIM as STEPPING STONE

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes ended their relationship back in May 2019. They dated each other for a good 6 years. But looks like things were meant to end one day. The reason for their breakup still happens to be undercover. The two had always been private about their dating and love lives. But some rumors out there said that the industry might be the reason behind their split! Well, let’s not push it any further, and jump straight into the discussion of the day. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Why Did Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes End Their 6-Years Long Relationship?

Jamie Foxx and Katie Foxx’s split story still happens to be a mystery for the industry. The actual cause behind their breakup is still not known to anyone out there. There are so many controversial statements about their breakup story. Both of them have not reacted to any of the rumors out there.

As per our inner sources, both had a lot of respect and love for one another. But looks like their work always kept them busy and thus they weren’t able to deliver much time to one another. There is no denying the industry sometimes just becomes damn harsh for celebrities.

There are some other rumors too that say that Katie Holmes was using Jamie Foxx’s reputation to build her career. But hey there don’t get into this trap, as Jamie Foxx doesn’t support such a thought. Despite breaking up with her, he has never once said anything bad about her. The popular actor is a man of wide mentality and doesn’t support such a shallow and controversial statement.

Jamie Foxx Is Never Getting Married! Everything You Need To Know About This, Is Down Here!

Yes, you heard it right, Jamie Foxx is never getting married to anyone out there. Well, this statement hasn’t been cooked up by us as Jamie Foxx himself confirmed this news. Looks like the split from Katie Foxx was really hard on the American actor. The actor currently wants to focus on his career. He thinks marriage is not made for him.

He has been married before and also shares two beautiful-looking daughters with his ex-wife. But now, he has made his mind, that he doesn’t want to get married again in near future. He thinks marriage just makes things worse. There is no denying, the actor has faced some bad experiences in his past relationships with women. He thinks marriage will never work out for him.

Moreover, the actor is currently well settled and balanced in his life. He doesn’t want to ruin and mess things up. Presently, he wants to become the best dad for his two daughters. He wants to devote time and dedication to them. He has realized that he wasn’t really there for them. But now, he wants to be more attached and connected to his daughters. Well, that’s all for now, for more such latest updates and gossips, on popular Hollywood celebrities, stay connected with us, just right here.

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