Yellowstone Season 5 Renewal CONFIRMED by Kevin Costner

Before you get too excited about this, let me tell you that Yellowstone hasn’t been officially renewed for season 5 as of yet. But don’t get disappointed, as Kevin Costner has confirmed the renewal of the show. So far we have witnessed four seasons of Yellowstone and the audience is currently waiting to unfold the story of Yellowstone Season 5. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Yellowstone Season 5 Renewal Confirmed? Is The Show Cancelled?

Where is Yellowstone season 5? Why hasn’t it got renewed? Is the show canceled? Was the fourth season, the last season? When will Yellowstone season 5 released? Well, your questions are never-ending, but let me put it straight, the show has not got canceled. Yes, the official studio is still silent on the renewal of the show, but that doesn’t mean the show is canceled.

The fourth season of the show recently concluded and it’s still really soon to talk about the fifth installment of the show. But let me tell you, Cole Hauser, who happens to be one of the cast members of the show, has confirmed the renewal of the show. Last year during an interview, the actor talked a bit about the fifth installment of the show. There are plans for another Yellowstone season! The official renewal announcement is also not that far from you. It might drop around by the middle of this year.

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Get A Slight Insight On Yellowstone Season 5, Just Right Here!

All the main leads of Yellowstone are going to make a comeback for Yellowstone Season 5. The next season will be full of major twists and turns for the audience. The current season of the show was filled with mystery and suspense. Yellowstone season 4 has left some obvious unanswered questions with the audience. In Yellowstone’s season 4 finale, we saw Jamie finding himself in a tight situation when Beth catches him a red hand. He is now under Beth’s radar, as Beth has seen him disposing of Garrett’s body at the Train Station.

Jamie’s future is definitely at stake. What does the future hold for him? His life is messed up now. Will he ever get out from this whole fuss? On the other hand, Beth is now unemployed. Will she take over her father’s job as a campaign manager? It is quite clear that she will continue her battle against Caroline Warner and Market Equities. But Warner will not stay quiet! Problems are soon going to land on Beth’s door.

Moreover, Kayce’s plan and vision have also failed. This brings so many questions to us. Will Kayce continue his job as the livestock commissioner? Or will he take over his father’s position? Will he become the next governor? Carter needs to get things in place with Beth. Will Beth and Rip ever consider adopting him? Who will be the new sheriff? Well, the new season of Yellowstone will definitely answer all these questions. Until then, stay connected with us, to know more about the latest movies and shows, just right here.

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