Is Will Arnett Related to James Arnett? The Surprising Truth

Will Arnett is a famous Canadian-American actor and comedian, best known for his roles in Arrested Development, BoJack Horseman, and The Lego Batman Movie. James Arnett is a former corporate lawyer and CEO of Molson, who also wrote a novel based on a true crime story in Saskatchewan. But are these two men related? The answer might surprise you.

The Arnett Family History

According to Wikipedia, Will Arnett was born in Toronto, Ontario, to Edith Alexandra “Alix” (Palk) and Emerson James “Jim” Arnett, who was a corporate lawyer and brewer, among other occupations. His parents were originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he has roots on both sides of his family in Manitoba going back many generations. He has two older sisters and a younger brother, Peter Graves, who is also an actor.

James Arnett was born in Greenwich Village, New York City, to Alec Arnett, who was the founder of A.I.A. Productions animation studio, and his wife. He has a brother named Robert Arnett, who is a photographer and author. James graduated from New York’s Art & Design and School of Visual Arts, and became a screenwriter, director, producer, and animator. He also taught animation and filmmaking at LTU’s Chatsworth, California campus.

The Connection Between Will and James

So far, it seems that Will and James have very different backgrounds and careers. However, there is one thing that connects them: their father’s name. Both Will and James have fathers named Emerson James Arnett. But are they the same person?

The answer is no. They are not the same person, nor are they related. Emerson James Arnett, Will’s father, was born in 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He attended Harvard University and became a successful lawyer and businessman. He served as the president and CEO of Molson Breweries from 1997 to 2000. He died in 2014 at the age of 81.

Emerson James Arnett, James’ father, was born in 1918 in New York City. He was an animator and filmmaker who founded A.I.A. Productions in 1958. He developed many 35mm animation cameras, stands, and optical benches in-house. He also produced live film and animation for various clients. He died in 1997 at the age of 79.

The Conclusion

Will Arnett and James Arnett are not related by blood or by marriage. They just happen to share a common father’s name by coincidence. They have never met or worked together, as far as we know. They are both successful in their own fields of entertainment and business, but they have no family ties whatsoever.

So there you have it: the surprising truth about Will Arnett and James Arnett. They are not related at all. They are just two men with the same name.

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