Is Thomas Sanders Related to Bernie Sanders? The Truth Behind the Rumor

Thomas Sanders is a popular entertainer who rose to fame on Vine and YouTube. He is known for his comedy sketches, musical talents, and civil rights activism. Bernie Sanders is a veteran politician who serves as the U.S. senator from Vermont. He is known for his progressive policies, democratic socialism, and presidential campaigns. But are they related? The answer is no.

The Sanders Family Tree

Thomas Sanders was born on April 24, 1989, in Gainesville, Florida. He is the son of Patrick and Sheila Sanders, who are both teachers. He has three brothers: Patrick Jr., Christian, and Shea. According to his website, he is of Irish, German, and English descent.

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York. He is the son of Elias and Dorothy Sanders, who were Jewish immigrants from Poland. He has an older brother, Larry, who is a politician in the United Kingdom. According to Wikipedia, he is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

The Sanders Name Origin

The surname Sanders is a patronymic name derived from the personal name Alexander or its variants. It means “son of Alexander” or “son of Sander”. Alexander is a Greek name that means “defender of men”. Sander is a shortened form of Alexander or a Germanic name that means “protector”.

The surname Sanders is common in many countries, especially in England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, and the United States. It is not an indication of a family relationship between Thomas and Bernie Sanders.

The Sanders Connection

Although Thomas and Bernie Sanders are not related by blood, they do share some similarities and connections. They are both passionate about social justice and human rights. They have both expressed admiration and support for each other on social media and in interviews.

Thomas Sanders has been vocal about his political views and his endorsement of Bernie Sanders for president in 2016 and 2020. He has also participated in some of Bernie’s campaign events and videos. He once said that Bernie was “the closest thing to a real-life superhero” he had ever seen.

Bernie Sanders has also praised Thomas Sanders for his creativity and positivity. He once tweeted that Thomas was “one of the most talented people on the internet” and that he was “proud to have him on our team”. He also invited Thomas to join him on a live stream to discuss the issues facing young people in America.

The Sanders Legacy

Thomas and Bernie Sanders are both influential figures in their respective fields. They have both inspired millions of people with their messages of hope, humor, and humanity. They have both shown that it is possible to make a difference in the world with courage, compassion, and conviction.

They may not be related by blood, but they are related by spirit. They are both part of the Sanders legacy.

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