Dancing On Ice 2022 Contestants Announced? Here’s What We Know

Dancing On Ice is a television show which is presented by Holly Willoughby, Philips Schofield, and Christine Bleakley. It is a show in which some contestants are selected and days Kate in front of a team of judges with their partners. It is produced by Katie Radcliffe. Dancing on ice has 13 seasons with a total of 210 episodes. Its first season was released on January 14 2006 and it is working quite well till today. Dancing on ice is broadcasted on ITV every year. But this time due to covid it got delayed so the next season is Dancing On Ice 2022. This show turned out so well and the audience liked it too much, thus making it a successful show. This is the reason which makes the show renewing one after another season.

Dancing On Ice 2022 Release Date

Dancing On Ice 2022 is now going to premiere for the 14th series. Due to the pandemic, the show is a bit late this time but we are here with the list of contestants for dancing on ice which will be seen on ITV. All the fans of dancing on ice have been waiting for series 14 to come up and entertain them so now we have got a piece of official news that season 14 will be premiered shortly. So first of all talking about the official date from when Dancing On Ice 2022 will be aired near the end of 2022. Until now there has not been an official release date for Dancing On Ice 2022 but as we have witnessed that dancing on ice was premiere on January 17, 2021, so we can expect season 14 to be released near similar months.

Dancing On Ice 2022, Contestants Announced

Now talking about the Contestants who have been announced for Dancing On Ice 2022. It has been confirmed that Bez will be making an entry in the show next year. His real name is Mark Berry. He was a part of The Happy Mondays and taking more of him, he has won Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.

Another contestant is sally Dynevor who was the first celebrity who was confirmed to participate in the show Dancing On Ice 2022. We have got this information that actress sally Dynevor will be seen in the next series as the news was informed on ITV.

The next contestant which we have got official news about is Denies Van Outen. She is a famous personality and was also in Dance on ice season 13. Last year her partner was Matt Evers. She quit the last season in between as he was suffering from a shoulder injury and could not continue for that time period so this time we will be seeing her as the main contestant maybe with a different partner or the same as last time.

So these are the main contestants which will be seen only in the dancing on ice season 14. You can delete this news as we have witnessed in interviews as well.
 Now talking about the judges of Dancing On Ice 2022, real cotton official news that I have announced that John Barrowman will not be judging this time.

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