Is Noah Clowney Related to Jadeveon Clowney? The Truth Behind the Last Name

If you are a fan of college basketball or NFL, you might have wondered if Noah Clowney, the star forward of Alabama Crimson Tide, is related to Jadeveon Clowney, the star defensive end who is a free agent. Both athletes share the same last name and grew up in South Carolina, but are they really family? In this article, we will reveal the truth behind their last name and their respective careers.

Who is Noah Clowney?

Noah Clowney is an American basketball player who plays for the Alabama Crimson Tide of the NCAA Division I. He is a freshman sensation who is the team’s third-leading scorer and second-leading rebounder. He helped the Crimson Tide to win the SEC regular season and tournament titles and secure a No. 1 seed in the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Noah Clowney was born on June 12, 2004, in Roebuck, South Carolina. He attended Dorman High School, where he was a four-star recruit and the No. 1 player in the state. He chose Alabama over offers from Florida, Indiana, Virginia Tech and others.

Who is Jadeveon Clowney?

Jadeveon Clowney is an American football defensive end who is currently a free agent. He played college football at South Carolina, where he won the Ted Hendricks Award and was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2012. He was also a two-time All-American and a two-time All-SEC selection.

Jadeveon Clowney was born on February 14, 1993, in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He attended South Pointe High School, where he was a five-star recruit and the No. 1 player in the nation. He was drafted by the Houston Texans with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He played for the Texans for five seasons, earning three Pro Bowl selections. He then played for the Seattle Seahawks in 2019 and the Tennessee Titans in 2020 before becoming a free agent.

Are Noah Clowney and Jadeveon Clowney related?

The answer to the question, “is Noah Clowney related to Jadeveon Clowney?” is no. Despite both growing up in the same state, Noah Clowney and Jadeveon Clowney are not related. The Alabama forward went to Dorman High School in Roebuck, South Carolina, while Jadeveon, the No. 1 pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, grew up in Rock Hill, South Carolina, about an hour and a half east of the hoops star.

However, Jadeveon does have a cousin who is a high-profile college athlete. His cousin is Demon Clowney, who played as a defensive end for Ole Miss and transferred to UNC Charlotte for the 2023 season.


Noah Clowney and Jadeveon Clowney are both talented athletes who share a common last name and a home state, but they are not related by blood or marriage. They have different backgrounds and careers, but they both excel in their respective sports. Noah Clowney is a rising star in college basketball who hopes to lead Alabama to a national championship, while Jadeveon Clowney is an established star in NFL who hopes to find a new team for the next season..

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