Is Alex Taylor Related to Scott Taylor? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Alex Taylor is a well-known drag racer, YouTube star, and co-host of HOT ROD Garage. She has been involved in the automotive scene since she was a child, thanks to her parents Dennis and Debbie Taylor, who own a custom car shop in Arkansas. But is she related to another famous Taylor in the racing world, Scott Taylor?

Who is Scott Taylor?

Scott Taylor is a street racer and reality TV personality who appears on the show Street Outlaws: New Orleans. He drives a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass named John Doe, which he built from scratch with his own hands. He is also the owner of Scott Taylor Racing, a performance shop that specializes in building and tuning street and drag cars.

Are Alex and Scott Taylor Related?

The short answer is no. Alex and Scott Taylor are not related by blood or marriage. They just happen to share a common surname and a passion for racing. However, they do know each other and have raced against each other in some events.

According to Alex’s YouTube channel, she met Scott for the first time at the 2017 Outlaw Armageddon event in Oklahoma, where they both competed in the Big Tire class. They had a friendly conversation and exchanged some tips and compliments. Alex also mentioned that she was a fan of Scott’s show and his car.

Since then, Alex and Scott have crossed paths several times at various races and shows, such as the 2019 No Prep Kings event in Texas, where they faced off in the second round. Alex won that race by a narrow margin, but Scott congratulated her and gave her a hug.

What Do Alex and Scott Taylor Have in Common?

Despite not being related, Alex and Scott Taylor have some things in common besides their last name and their love for racing. They both started their careers at a young age, with Alex being the youngest driver ever to compete in HOT ROD Drag Week at age 16, and Scott being one of the youngest drivers to win a national championship at age 17.

They both also run their own businesses, with Alex owning Alex Taylor Racing, a company that sells apparel, merchandise, and parts for racers and fans, and Scott owning Scott Taylor Racing, a shop that offers performance services and products for street and drag cars.

Additionally, they both have a strong presence on social media, with Alex having nearly 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel “Riding With Alex Taylor”, where she documents her racing adventures and projects, and Scott having over 200,000 followers on his Facebook page “Scott Taylor Motorsports”, where he posts updates and videos about his races and cars.


Alex Taylor and Scott Taylor are two talented and successful racers who share a common surname but are not related. They have met and raced against each other on several occasions, and have shown respect and admiration for each other’s skills and achievements. They both have their own businesses, YouTube channels, and fan bases, and are among the most popular figures in the street racing scene.

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