Arnold Schwarzenegger HATES and DESPISE Chris Pratt for CHEATING on Anna Faris


Back in 2008, Chris Pratt tied knots with Anna Faris. So technically it has been over 8 years since their marriage. But in 2017, this couple made a decision to go for separation. Both Chris Pratt and Anna Faris decided to take it to their social media handles. So, they announced their divorce on Instagram and other social platforms.

So, now as we can see that Chris Pratt is separated from Anna Faris and is now married to Katherine Schwarzenegger. now you’ll be asking why they got separated. Many fans have reached the conclusion that these two are just engaged with their own work and that is why, regardless of their good personalities and bonding, they are not being able to give time to each other properly. They both have some deadlines in their works as they both are working in the movie industry. that is the probable reason why things didn’t work between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris anymore.

Now, after being separated from Anna Faris, back in 2017, Chris Pratt has started to date Katherine Schwarzenegger. These two got connected instantly with each other. After going out for a while, they ultimately reached a decision that they are going to work it out. Their dedication was to that extent that they think they are twin souls and they took the decision that they are going to get married back in 2019.

What Does Arnold Think of Chris?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is popular for being an old-school bodybuilder. Besides that, he also did act in the lead roles in some blockbuster action movies like the Terminator franchise, Alien vs. Predator franchise, etc. While Chris Pratt is with Katherine Schwarzenegger, her dad Arnold thinks that Chris might not be appropriate for his dearest Katherine. He got an idea that somebody from the Hollywood industry will not be compatible with his daughter. Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger made a decision to get married back in 2018, and they are still married since 2018 for 3 years now.

In several interviews, Guardians of the Galaxy star disclosed the fact that his present wife Katherine has assisted him in many fields. Many fans of Chris Pratt believe that he wasn’t coping up well with his image of a successful actor, as it was too early for him and he got some problem with his public figure. But after he met with Katherine Schwarzenegger, he has been managed by her as he does what he has to do. So, basically, he has stopped worrying about so many things at once. And he was advised by Katherine that he should sit back and enjoy his popularity.

What is There Present Status

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the kind of father who will not be happy if he sees that his daughter is married to somebody who couldn’t even hold onto his last marriage. But in this case, e hasn’t shown any kind of disagreement with his son-in-law publicly. So, it can be said that as Chris loves Arnold, he has accepted him as his son-in-law. After living with his daughter Katherine and Chris, this whole quarantine period, he finally accepted Chris into his family.

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