Is Leslie Jordan Related to Dolly Parton? The Truth Behind Their Friendship


Leslie Jordan and Dolly Parton are two of the most beloved and iconic figures in the entertainment industry. They both hail from Tennessee, have a knack for comedy, and share a passion for music. But are they related by blood or by choice? Many fans have wondered if the two stars are cousins, siblings, or even distant relatives. The answer is no, they are not biologically related. However, they do have a special bond that goes beyond family ties. Here’s how they met, collaborated, and became friends.

How They Met

Leslie Jordan first met Dolly Parton in 2021, when he was working on his gospel album Company’s Comin’. He had always been a huge fan of Dolly and dreamed of meeting her someday. He asked his producer Steve Summers to arrange a meeting with the country legend, and he got his wish. According to Page Six, Leslie said he was in “gay heaven” when he saw Dolly for the first time. He said they “sat down and glommed onto one another and didn’t shut up for about an hour.” They recorded a duet of “Where the Soul Never Dies”, which was released as part of Leslie’s album.

Their Friendship

After their first encounter, Leslie and Dolly stayed in touch and developed a friendship based on mutual admiration and respect. Leslie said he would often ask himself “What would Dolly do?” whenever he faced a problem. He also said that Dolly was exactly like what people imagined her to be: kind, generous, and authentic. Dolly, on the other hand, praised Leslie for his humor, talent, and courage. She said he was a “bright light” in the world and that she loved him dearly.

Their Tribute

Sadly, Leslie Jordan passed away on October 24, 2022, at the age of 67, after a car accident in Los Angeles. His death shocked and saddened many people, especially his fans and friends. Dolly Parton was among those who paid tribute to him on social media and in interviews. She said she was “hurt and shocked” as if she had lost a family member. She also said that Leslie had a special place in her heart and that she would miss him terribly. On January 5, 2023, Dolly appeared on the winter premiere of Call Me Kat, a sitcom that Leslie starred in before his death. She sang “I Will Always Love You” in honor of her friend and co-star.


Leslie Jordan and Dolly Parton were not related by blood, but they were related by choice. They shared a bond that transcended fame, fame, and age. They were both proud Tennesseans who loved music, comedy, and life. They inspired each other and millions of others with their joy and grace. They were not just celebrities, they were friends. And their friendship will live on in their memories and their songs.

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