Eternals Post-Credit Scenes Give Us The First Look At Pip The Troll And Ebony Blade

Eternals is scheduled to release on the big screen on Friday. You can consider it in the list of the most expected movies of this year. This movie will present us with the story of the earliest superheroes of the planet Earth. They are 10 awakened Eternals who watched the world from shadows. Their aim was to make sure that humans could develop and prosper. But the one drawback they have is that they can’t expose themselves, which explains why they weren’t present when Avengers were fighting Thanos and his followers. In short, they are like aliens who stayed with humans for 7000 years. Their history might rewrite the whole theory behind MCU. Now, some of the people went ahead and saw the pre-presentation of the show earlier this week. It wasn’t surprising when they gave the confirmation that the recent leaks are not fake and, in this context, they presented another unexpected surprise from the Eternals post-credit scenes that remains unrevealed.

The guy who saw the pre-presentation of the film Eternals shared a descriptive synopsis about its plot on Reddit. This person watched the film in Australia, along with the mods of the subreddit page MarvelStudioSpoilers, which helped them reveal all this information.

The Plot Synopsis

The person gives the confirmation about the leak of the plot from a few months back, which provides more detailed information about the plot of the full movie. The team of 10 Eternals needs to gather up to clash with the huge threat. This is the uprising that Salma Hayek Also known as Ajak declared in the teaser trailer. The reappearance of the deviants happens at last and they are assumed to be the bad chads of the movie.

But the thing is that the deviants actually aren’t the bad guys. The villains are the celestials and the Eternals will be clashing with them in the film. The human race on this world has been utilizing an egg called a celestial seed which was planted inside the earth. The 10 Eternals keep protecting this egg for Seven thousand years and allow the human race to go through evolution and prosperity for the celestial to feed on the vast amount of energy generated by the sentient life. After half of the population of this world was brought back after Thanos gets defeated by Avengers, the uprising is almost finished.

There is no doubt that most of the team Eternals are interested in helping humans in order to defeat the huge threat. But a few of them are only interested to continue their mission. they’re still interested to follow the celestial obediently which signifies that the movie will contain some internal conflict also.

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Eternals Post-Credit Easter Egg

The last scene of the movie shows the appearance of the Celestial in the orbit of the Earth. He intends to captivate the remaining Eternals who disobeyed his instructions. But it’s actually the Eternals post-credit scenes that make things interesting.

The first Eternals post-credit Scene shows Harry Styles acting as Star Fox who gets teleported inside the ship of Eternals with his acquaintance Pip the Troll introducing him as the brother of Thanos. Star Fox appears there to assist them to find the remaining Eternals. He got the celestial sphere that he obtained previously. The second Eternals post-credit Scene shows Dane Whitman in front of the old box arguing if he should open it and touch the sword inside the box until a separate voice begins to speak to him. It seems like that voice was of Blade (Mahershala Ali) and it says “The Eternals will return”

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