Is Kenneth Lofton Jr. Related to Kenny Lofton? The Truth Behind the Basketball Stars

Many basketball fans have wondered if Kenneth Lofton Jr., the rising star of the Memphis Grizzlies, is related to Kenny Lofton, the former MLB All-Star and six-time Gold Glove winner. The answer is no, they are not related by blood, but they do share some similarities and connections in their careers and backgrounds.

Who is Kenneth Lofton Jr.?

Kenneth Lofton Jr. is a 20-year-old professional basketball player who plays as a power forward and center for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. He signed a two-way contract with the Grizzlies in July 2022, after going undrafted in the 2022 NBA draft. He also plays for the Memphis Hustle, the Grizzlies’ affiliate in the NBA G League.

Lofton Jr. played college basketball for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, where he was a two-time all-conference selection in Conference USA, including first-team honors as a sophomore in 2022. He averaged 16.5 points, 10.5 rebounds, and 2.8 assists per game in his second season, and declared for the NBA draft in March 2022.

Lofton Jr. is known for his physicality, rebounding, scoring, and passing skills, as well as his charismatic personality and leadership qualities. He has drawn comparisons to players like Zach Randolph, Charles Barkley, and Draymond Green.

Who is Kenny Lofton?

Kenny Lofton is a 54-year-old former professional baseball player who played as a center fielder for 11 teams in the MLB from 1991 to 2007. He is best known for his tenure with the Cleveland Indians, where he was a five-time All-Star, four-time Gold Glove winner, and two-time American League stolen base leader. He also played for the Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, and Houston Astros.

Lofton was one of the most dynamic and versatile players of his era, excelling in hitting, baserunning, defense, and leadership. He had a career batting average of .299, with 2,428 hits, 622 stolen bases, and 1,528 runs scored. He ranks 15th all-time in stolen bases and sixth all-time in runs scored among center fielders. He also appeared in 11 postseasons and two World Series.

Lofton was also a talented basketball player in college, playing as a point guard for the Arizona Wildcats from 1985 to 1989. He was a teammate of future NBA stars like Sean Elliott, Steve Kerr, and Tom Tolbert. He helped the Wildcats reach the Final Four in 1988 and won the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year award in 1989.

How are they connected?

Although Kenneth Lofton Jr. and Kenny Lofton are not related by blood, they do have some connections and similarities in their careers and backgrounds.

– Both of them are from Texas: Lofton Jr. was born and raised in Port Arthur, while Lofton was born in East Chicago, Indiana but moved to Houston when he was seven years old.

– Both of them played multiple sports in high school: Lofton Jr. played basketball and football at Memorial High School, while Lofton played baseball and basketball at Washington High School.

– Both of them were initially guards before becoming post players: Lofton Jr. switched positions after a growth spurt in high school, while Lofton switched sports after being drafted by the Houston Astros in 1988.

– Both of them have ties to Louisiana Tech: Lofton Jr. played college basketball there for two seasons, while Lofton played minor league baseball there for one season in 1990.

– Both of them have worn number six: Lofton Jr. wears it for the Grizzlies and Hustle, while Lofton wore it for the Indians from 1992 to 1996 and from 1998 to 2001.


Kenneth Lofton Jr. and Kenny Lofton are not related by blood, but they are both outstanding athletes who have excelled in their respective sports. They share some similarities and connections in their careers and backgrounds that make them worthy of admiration and respect.

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