Is Jason Momoa Related to The Rock? The Truth Behind Their Friendship

Jason Momoa and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are two of the most popular and successful actors in Hollywood today. They have both starred in blockbuster movies, such as Aquaman and Fast and Furious, and have millions of fans around the world. But are they related by blood or just by friendship? Here’s what we know.

Momoa and Johnson’s Ethnicity and Background

One of the reasons why some people might think that Jason Momoa and The Rock are related is because they both have Samoan ancestry. However, their ethnic backgrounds are quite different.

According to Celeb Answers, Jason Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a father of Samoan and Hawaiian descent and a mother of German, Irish, and Native American descent. He grew up mostly in Iowa with his mother, but moved back to Hawaii after high school. He identifies as Hawaiian and is proud of his Polynesian heritage.

The Rock, on the other hand, was born in Hayward, California, to a father of African and Samoan descent and a mother of Samoan descent. He lived in various places throughout his childhood, including New Zealand, Hawaii, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. He identifies as Samoan and has a traditional tattoo on his chest and arm that represents his culture.

So, while they both share some Samoan roots, they are not related by blood.

Momoa and Johnson’s Careers and Friendship

Another reason why some people might think that Jason Momoa and The Rock are related is because they have similar careers in the entertainment industry. They both started out as models before becoming actors, and they both have played roles in superhero movies, action movies, and fantasy movies.

However, their career paths are also quite different. The Rock was a professional wrestler for almost a decade before transitioning to acting. He became one of the most popular and highest-paid actors in Hollywood, starring in franchises like Jumanji, Moana, and Hobbs & Shaw.

Jason Momoa rose to fame with his role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, which led to him being cast as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. He also starred in shows like Frontier, See, and Sweet Girl.

Despite their different backgrounds and careers, Jason Momoa and The Rock have been friends for almost 20 years. They met in Hawaii through a mutual friend and have stayed in touch ever since. They have expressed their admiration and respect for each other on social media and in interviews.

They have also shown their love for each other’s families. In 2021, The Rock asked Jason Momoa to send a birthday message to his daughter Tiana, who is a huge Aquaman fan. Jason obliged and even invited Tiana and her sister to swim with him in Hawaii. The Rock shared the video on Instagram and thanked Jason for being a “brother” to him.


Jason Momoa and The Rock are not related by blood, but they are related by friendship. They both have Samoan ancestry, but they have different ethnic backgrounds and career paths. They have been friends for almost 20 years and have supported each other’s personal and professional lives. They are two of the most talented and charismatic actors in Hollywood today..

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