Is Colton Underwood Related to Carrie Underwood? The Truth Behind the Shared Surname

Many people wonder if Colton Underwood, the former NFL player and reality TV star, is related to Carrie Underwood, the country music superstar and American Idol winner. They share a common last name, but is there more to their connection than that? Here is the truth behind their relationship.

No Blood Relation

Colton and Carrie may have the same last name, but it turns out they are not related in any way. Despite their shared surname, they have no familial connection. Carrie confirmed this herself when she responded to a tweet from the official Bachelor Twitter page writing, “@Colton Underwood #NoRelation.” She added a crying laughing emoji and a red rose to show that she was joking around.

Before Carrie cleared the air, some fans were convinced that the two celebrities were siblings, distant cousins, or something of that nature. However, the truth is that they just happen to have a common last name that is fairly popular in the United States. According to, Underwood is an English surname derived from a topographic name for someone who lived near or in a wood.

Different Careers and Lives

Another reason why Colton and Carrie are not related is that they have very different careers and lives. Carrie is a successful singer-songwriter who has won seven Grammy Awards, 15 American Music Awards, 14 ACM Awards, and many more. She rose to fame after winning the fourth season of American Idol in 2005 and has since released eight studio albums. She is also married to former NHL player Mike Fisher and has two sons, Isaiah and Jacob.

Colton is a former professional football player who played for the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders as a tight end. He also appeared on several reality TV shows, such as The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelor. He made headlines when he came out as gay in April 2021 and announced his own Netflix series, Coming Out Colton⁴. He is currently dating political strategist Jordan C. Brown.

No Friendship Either

It does not seem like Colton and Carrie have ever met or interacted in person, so it is unlikely that they have any friendship or rapport. They have very different schedules and interests that keep them busy and apart. Carrie is currently performing her Las Vegas residency at the Resort World Las Vegas and Casino, while Colton is working on his memoir and his foundation for cystic fibrosis .

However, they do have some things in common besides their last name. They both have charitable hearts and support various causes and organizations. They also both love dogs and have adopted rescue pups from shelters. And they both have been teased for their names in elementary school. Colton revealed that he was called “Cotton Underwear” by his classmates, while Carrie said her son called her “Carefree Underwear”.


Colton Underwood and Carrie Underwood are not related by blood or by friendship. They are two separate individuals who happen to share a popular surname. They have different careers, lives, and backgrounds that make them unique and distinct from each other..

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