Is LaLisa getting married? Is she dating Jungkook? When will they get married? Since, when are they dating? Are the rumors true? Well, the questions are endless. Day by day, the rumors are deepening. The BLACKPINK singer is highly popular among the crowd. On the other hand, Jungkook happens to be an integral part of the BTS band. Is this the moment of truth? Have the couple confirmed the rumors? Well, let’s not stretch the matter further and jump straight into the main discussion of the day!

The Famous BLACKPINK Rapper, LaLisa Is Dating Jungkook- What Is The Actual Truth Here?

Well, before we move ahead, let me say this out loud and clear, this is just a fan-based assumption! Fans love the concept of “Lizkook”. Yes, you heard it right, the rumor is not true! Fans are dying to see them together. But as of now, the pair is clearly not dating one another. Both of them are lead singers of their respective K-Pop bands. People think they have kept their relationship private! Both the singing sensations haven’t denied or accepted the rumor out there.

Both of them belong to the same singing community and thus have a lot of common friends. As we all know, both the K-Pop singers are highly private about their personal life. But as per our inner sources and study, we do think they spend a lot of time together. They share the same friend circle. Thus, naturally, at some point in time, they must have hung out together. Moreover, you will be surprised to know, that Jungkook and Lisa have a lot of habits and hobbies in common. Fans think they are perfect for one another!

Something Is Cooking Between Lalisa And Jungkook- Are They Getting Married?

Woah! That’s a huge statement! Won’t you love to see them in bridal outfits? Are they planning to make their relationship public? But hey there, is the rumor really true? Well, to be honest, it is not true! As of now, no one is getting married, especially not Lisa and Jungkook. For years now, we have been hearing about this pair. People do think they are dating one another! They have attended a lot of award-shows together. The way Lisa looks at Jungkook says it all! But we cannot deny the fact that Jungkook is adored worldwide. After all who can resist that charming face?

Moreover, a few months back, Lisa was seen wearing a sweater which somehow links her to Jungkook! She obviously represented the brand. The particular sweater was sold out within hours. To your surprise, the brand is owned by Jungkook’s elder brother! There is no doubt the pair looks adorable together. They are surely made for each other! Unfortunately, the two parties involved are absolutely silent on the rumors out there. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on juicy celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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