Is Jackie Redmond Related to Mickey Redmond? The Truth Behind the Rumor

If you are a fan of hockey, you may have heard of two famous broadcasters who share the same last name: Jackie Redmond and Mickey Redmond. Jackie is a Canadian journalist who works as a sports anchor, producer, and reporter for Sportsnet Central, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball Networks. Mickey is a former NHL winger who played for the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings, winning two Stanley Cups with the former. He is currently a color commentator for Detroit Red Wings games on television for Bally Sports Detroit. But are they related? Here is what we found out.

The Redmond Family

According to Wikipedia, Mickey Redmond was born on December 27, 1947, in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. He has a younger brother named Dick Redmond, who was also an NHL defenseman. He played thirteen seasons, primarily with the Chicago Black Hawks and the Boston Bruins. Mickey and Dick are not the only hockey players in their family. Their father, Edward Redmond, was a professional hockey player who played in the Eastern Hockey League and the International Hockey League. Their uncle, Gerry Heffernan, was also a professional hockey player who played in the NHL and the American Hockey League.

Jackie Redmond was born on April 12, 1987, in Toronto, Ontario. She has a sister named Lauren Redmond, who is also a journalist. Jackie started her career as a host and reporter for Rogers Sportsnet in Canada. She joined WWE in 2021 as co-host of Raw Talk and Talking Smack. She also works for NHL Network and WBD Sports during the hockey season.

The Rumor

The rumor that Jackie and Mickey are related started when some fans noticed their similar last names and their involvement in hockey broadcasting. Some speculated that they might be father and daughter, or uncle and niece, or distant cousins. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Neither Jackie nor Mickey has ever confirmed or denied their relationship publicly.

The Truth

According to CelebsAges, Jackie Redmond’s father is named John Redmond. He is not related to Mickey Redmond or his brother Dick Redmond. Jackie’s father was a hockey coach who inspired her to pursue a career in sports journalism. He also coached her sister Lauren when she played hockey as a child.

Therefore, the truth is that Jackie Redmond and Mickey Redmond are not related by blood or marriage. They just happen to have the same last name and a passion for hockey. They are both respected professionals in their fields and have made significant contributions to the sport. They may have crossed paths at some point in their careers, but they are not family members.


Is Jackie Redmond related to Mickey Redmond? The answer is no. They are both successful hockey broadcasters who share a common surname, but they have different backgrounds and families. They are not father and daughter, uncle and niece, or distant cousins. They are simply colleagues who work in the same industry.

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