Is Dale Carnegie Related to Andrew Carnegie? The Surprising Truth

Dale Carnegie is a famous name in the world of self-help and personal development. He is the author of the best-selling book *How to Win Friends and Influence People*, which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. But is he related to another famous Carnegie, the industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie?

The answer is no. Dale Carnegie and Andrew Carnegie were not related, even though they shared a passion for books and learning. In fact, Dale Carnegie’s original last name was not even Carnegie, but Carnagey. He changed it around 1913 to associate himself with the wealthy and influential Carnegie family.

How Dale Carnegie Changed His Name

According to Lifted Up, Dale Carnegie was born in 1888 on a poor farm in Missouri. He had a humble upbringing and struggled to make ends meet as a salesman and a failed actor. He moved to New York City and began teaching public speaking at the YMCA. He soon opened his own office in the Carnegie Hall Building, next to the famous concert hall on West 57th Street.

It was then that he decided to change the spelling of his last name from Carnagey to Carnegie, hoping that the public would link him with the successful Andrew Carnegie, who had built a fortune in the steel industry and donated millions of dollars to various causes, including libraries, universities, and museums.

According to Book Analysis, Dale Carnegie changed his name after he sold his first book, *Public Speaking: A Practical Course for Business Men*, in 1913. He thought that having a recognizable and prestigious name would help him market his books and courses better.

How Dale Carnegie Became Famous

Dale Carnegie’s name change was a smart move, as it helped him establish himself as an authority on salesmanship, communication, and human relations. He wrote several books on these topics, but his most famous one was *How to Win Friends and Influence People*, which he published in 1936.

The book was an instant hit, selling over 250,000 copies in its first year. It has since been translated into 25 languages and has influenced millions of people around the world. The book offers practical advice on how to deal with people, make friends, persuade others, and achieve success.

Dale Carnegie also founded the Dale Carnegie Institute, which offers training programs on leadership, public speaking, sales, and interpersonal skills. The institute operates in 80 countries and has trained over 8 million people.

Dale Carnegie died in 1955 in Queens, New York. He left behind a legacy of books, courses, and principles that have helped countless people improve their lives.


Dale Carnegie and Andrew Carnegie were not related, but they both had remarkable stories of rags-to-riches and self-made success. They also shared a love of learning and a desire to help others. Dale Carnegie changed his name to emulate Andrew Carnegie’s fame and fortune, but he also created his own brand of wisdom and influence that has lasted for generations..

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