Why Black Mirror Season 6 Hasn’t Happened Yet? Charlie Brooker Has the Answer

Black Mirror has certainly been one of the most tops watched Netflix series and every season brings back something to offer and doesn’t get dull. Black Mirror is a series that so far 5 seasons to it and all the episodes of the series can be watched on Netflix. Black Mirror Season 6 is expected to release and that could be a possibility but why it is not yet happening or in productions?

We have all the answers to your Queries and Question. Charlie Brooker is one of the top directors who has given other hit series a pinch of spice and elements in his way and made those a great success.

Why Black Mirror: Season 6 is not on cards right now?

While in an Interview Chalie Brooker said that due to how the world is right now and the fact it is suffering he doesn’t feel that the world is ready for the next part yet and while he is not working on it and he has busy with experimenting his comic skills and other things.

While he also told the Interviews that he gets to decide what should happen when and right the possibility is there maybe he will continue from where it left in season 5 or it will be a completely different story this time.

Also, he has been not been thinking about this for a while now. So no one exactly has the idea of what is on his mind. maybe he is busy writing some new series or he is just taking his time off or Black Mirror Season 6 will be not there. Fans have riddled and are awaiting some news on this but we for a fact know it will happen and many sources confirmed it. Since Netflix is not dropping anything about we can probably assume that there is nothing.

Cast Of Black Mirror

Black Mirror Storyline

Black mirror is mostly is about a game designer and how to do developers game in which choices have to be made and he goes to software to release his game and suddenly he finds he is also making choices and those choices are becoming out of control and he was no power to alter or change them in any way.

So far there is no trailer or any sort of thing that hints the series is on its work but even it starts working we can expect it by 2023 only that’s for sure.


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