Is A Mile 22 Sequel In The Works? Mark Wahlberg To Return As The Lead?

Mile 22 was released back in the year 2018. The action thriller film has been created by the very talented director, Peter Berg. The movie revolves around the adventures of the CIA squad titled Overwatch. The movie did really well. We also got the official notification of the Mile 22 sequel. But where is it? Stay tuned to know all about it, just down here!

Find Everything About Mile 22, Just Down Here!

The squad team Overwatch is carried under the leadership of James Silva. He executed a well-nourished plan to kill the Russians as they have made some evil plans of distributing cesium. Later on, we see he takes Li Noor in his team in order to get out of the country safely. But things went upside down, as Li Noor turns out to be a big betrayal to Silva. The overall interesting and exciting tale of mystery, action and thriller has been loved by people all around the world.

When Can Mile 22 Sequel Release?

Mile 22 was aired 3 years back, in the year 2018, on August 17th. Before the initial premiere of the movie, the production team declared that they have plans to bring a sequel for the film. Precisely, two months before the official release, the team announced that there would be Mile 22 sequel. Not only that but writer Umair Aleem has already been assigned to write the sequel story for Mile 22.

We are guessing the delay in the film happened mainly because of the pandemic and worldwide lockdown situation. But now we all know the situation is getting better day by day. We have already been gifted with many of the awaited movies and shows. So we can tell you the sequel for Mile 22 is not that far. been in-charged to write the story for the sequel.

As per our gathered information, we do think the sequel for Mile 22 will start their filming by this year, 2021. We are guessing the crew for the movie will return on the sets probably by the end of this year. Thus if everything goes well, we might see the sequel of the movie by mid-season or end of 2022 or the start of the upcoming next year, 2023. But one thing is for sure it won’t be late as early 2023.

What Can Be The Predictable Plot For Mile 22 Sequel?

We are sure that the second part of the movie, will be picked up from the ending of the first movie. In the last film, we found out Li Noor was the secret agent who was working for the Russians. Eventually, the betrayal was from Noor’s, both to Silva and to their deal. Li Noor was the culprit, all of the things were just a revenge game from the squad. This revenge was planned because the squad had killed the son of some highly respectable authority. Betrayal needs to answer strongly. Thus this will be the main focus of the Mile 22 sequel. Silva will not let this brush under the carpet, we will definitely see more action and thrill in the upcoming sequel movie.

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