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Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Releasing Soon? Will It Be The Final Season?

Waiting for Hunter x Hunter season 7? Well, guess what we bring to you updates on your favorite anime show. I know the fans want more content from the show. Hunter x Hunter season 6 has been a major hit among the audience. The previous season was full of rollercoaster rides, we got the taste of both happiness and sadness in the ever-dramatic beautiful tale. We definitely want to see more tales from the series. Stay tuned with us to know all about Hunter x Hunter Season 7, just here!!

Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Unfortunately, we fear that will the audience even get to see Hunter x Hunter season 7. The anime show has been launched on Netflix. The last season of the show was aired back in the year 2014. In the last season, we learned about the 13th Hunter Chairman Election and thus the season 6 of the show wrapped up. There is still plenty of content left but will there be season 7?

The series portrays the tale of a manga series which goes back to the year 1998. If there is a seventh season then we do think some more concepts will add up in the series. A strong chance is,the Dark Continent Expedition arc and the Succession Contest arc will be included in the upcoming season. But the Succession Contest arc is still on hold to get completed in the manga series. Thus season 7 is very unlikely to come on screen. But we will definitely be the first one to notify you about the seventh season as soon as we get any new updates or news over it.

All About Hunter x Hunter Is Down Here!!

The manga series is highly popular among the audience. Fans really wait for days just to see the whole of the story. Recently a new chapter was added and it had also completed 1,000 days on the field. The incredible and very talented author of the manga, namely, Yoshihiro Togashi, has been ill now for quite a few months. Thus the story is put on hold. Fans also want the author to get well and prefer him to look upon his health. We also want the author to get well as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, what will happen in the story to Gon, Killua, Leorio, and Kurapika is yet a question mark to all. Their journey is definitely going to be tested and is marked for much more twists and turns in the manga journey. Until you get the seventh season of the show, you can always get your hands on the show. Yes, you can enjoy the previous season of Hunter x Hunter exclusively just on Netflix. Not only the previous season but you will find all the six seasons right there. If you still haven’t watch Hunter x Hunter, then you are definitely missing a great manga series. Find all the episodes from starting to ending there. Definitely check out the show, Hunter x Hunter just on the streaming platform Netflix.