How is Dr. Adams related to Amelia? The mystery of the new Grey’s Anatomy intern

Grey’s Anatomy is a long-running medical drama that has introduced many characters over the years. One of the latest additions is Dr. Lucas Adams, a new surgical intern who has a surprising connection to the Shepherd family. But how is he related to Amelia, Derek’s younger sister and a neurosurgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital? Here is what we know so far.

Lucas is Derek and Amelia’s nephew

Lucas Adams is the son of one of Derek Shepherd’s four sisters, who are Nancy, Liz, Kathleen, and Lizzie. He is also Amelia Shepherd’s nephew, although they don’t seem to have a close relationship. Lucas revealed his identity to Amelia in the Season 19 premiere, when he showed up as one of the new interns at the hospital. He said he was inspired by his uncle Derek, who was a renowned neurosurgeon and the former chief of surgery at Grey Sloan.

Lucas also mentioned that he has ADHD, a condition that affects his attention span and impulsivity. He said his parents never noticed or cared about his neurodivergence, and that he struggled in medical school. He admitted that he barely passed his exams and that he was lucky to get into the residency program at Grey Sloan.

Lucas has a crush on Simone Griffith

Lucas is not only a new intern, but also a potential love interest for Simone Griffith, another intern who works under Meredith Grey. Simone and Lucas met on their first day and had an instant attraction. They flirted throughout the episode and even shared a kiss in the locker room.

However, their budding romance hit a snag when Lucas messed up with a patient’s family. He failed to get the full name of a woman he was delivering bad news to regarding her son, and ended up confusing her with another woman with the same first name. The mistake almost cost the life of another patient who needed an organ transplant from the deceased son.

Amelia was forced to intervene and talk to the mother, while she sent Simone with Lucas to inform Meredith about the situation. Lucas was so nervous that he vomited after speaking with Meredith, who was not impressed by his performance.

Which of Derek’s sisters is Lucas’ mother?

The show has not revealed yet which of Derek’s sisters is Lucas’ mother, but there are some clues that might help us guess. According to Cinemablend, some fans think that Nancy Shepherd is the most likely candidate, because she lives in Connecticut, which is where Lucas said he was from. Nancy was also the first sister we met on the show, back in Season 3, when she visited Derek and judged Meredith.

Another possibility is Liz Shepherd, who appeared in Season 9 to donate nerves to help Derek recover from his hand injury after the plane crash. Liz was played by Neve Campbell, who might be available to reprise her role after dropping out of Scream 6.

The other two sisters are Kathleen and Lizzie, who have not been seen much on the show. Kathleen is a psychiatrist who disapproved of Amelia’s marriage to Owen Hunt, while Lizzie is an OBGYN who donated blood to save Meredith after she gave birth to Bailey.

Will we see more of Lucas and his family?

Grey’s Anatomy has not confirmed if we will see more of Lucas and his family in Season 19, but it seems likely that they will explore his backstory and his relationship with Amelia further. There might also be some drama involving his crush on Simone, who might have feelings for someone else.

Lucas is an interesting character who brings some fresh energy and humor to the show. He also represents a connection to Derek, who died in Season 11 but still haunts Meredith’s dreams. We hope to learn more about him and his mother soon.

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