Who Is Dillon Carmichael Related To? The Country Music Star With A Famous Family

Dillon Carmichael is a rising star in the country music scene, with a deep, rich voice and a style that blends traditional country with Southern rock. But did you know that he also comes from a family of talented musicians, including two of his uncles who are well-known in the genre? Here is everything you need to know about Dillon Carmichael’s family and how they influenced his musical journey.

His Grandfathers Were Professional Musicians

Dillon Carmichael was born on November 8, 1993, in Burgin, a small town in Kentucky. He grew up with a family that was passionate about music, especially his grandfathers, who were both professional musicians. His paternal grandfather, Harold Carmichael, was a gospel singer who performed with various groups and recorded several albums. His maternal grandfather, Harold Montgomery, was a country picker who played guitar and banjo and appeared on the Grand Ole Opry. According to AllMusic, both of his grandfathers taught him how to play guitar and sing when he was young.

His Uncles Are Famous Country Singers

Dillon Carmichael also has two uncles who are famous country singers: John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery. John Michael Montgomery is a solo artist who had several hits in the ’90s, such as “I Swear”, “I Can Love You Like That”, and “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)”. Eddie Montgomery is a co-founder of the duo Montgomery Gentry, along with Troy Gentry, who died in a helicopter crash in 2017. Montgomery Gentry is known for their rowdy, Southern rock-inspired songs, such as “My Town”, “Hell Yeah”, and “Something to Be Proud Of”. According to Wikipedia, both of his uncles encouraged him to pursue his musical dreams and gave him advice on how to succeed in the industry.

His Parents Were Also Singers

Dillon Carmichael’s parents were also singers who often performed in public. His father, James Carmichael, was a country singer who sang in local bands and at karaoke bars. His mother, Becky Montgomery Carmichael Hawksley, was a gospel singer who sang in church choirs and at weddings and funerals. According to The County, both of his parents supported his musical aspirations and helped him move to Nashville after he graduated from high school.

He Has Four Brothers Who Are Also Musicians

Dillon Carmichael is not the only one in his family who inherited the musical gene. He has four brothers who are also musicians: Alex J. Carmichael, Jerry B. Botting, Joshua E. Hawksley, and John A. Hawksley. According to The County, Alex plays guitar and sings backup vocals for Dillon; Jerry plays drums and sings backup vocals for Dillon; Joshua plays bass and sings backup vocals for Dillon; and John plays guitar and sings lead vocals for his own band, The John Hawksley Band.

He Is Proud Of His Family Heritage And Honors It In His Music

Dillon Carmichael is proud of his family heritage and honors it in his music. He often pays tribute to his grandfathers, uncles, parents, and brothers in his songs and interviews. He also collaborates with them on some of his projects. For example, he co-wrote the song “Family Tree” with Eddie Montgomery for his debut album Hell on an Angel; he featured John Michael Montgomery on the song “Beer Ain’t Gonna Drink Itself” for his second album Son of A; he recorded the song “Rolling Stone” with Tyler Booth and Drew Parker for Son of A at Harold Montgomery’s studio; and he performs live with his brothers as his backing band.

Dillon Carmichael is a country music star with a famous family that has influenced him greatly. He is grateful for their support and guidance and strives to carry on their legacy with his own unique voice and style. He is also eager to share his music with his fans and make them feel like part of his family as well. As he said in an interview with Country Now: “I want people to feel like they know me when they listen to my music.”

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