How is Dabi related to Todoroki? The shocking truth behind the villain’s identity

My Hero Academia is a popular manga and anime series that follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates at U.A. High School, a prestigious institution for aspiring heroes. Among the many villains that oppose them, one of the most mysterious and dangerous is Dabi, a member of the League of Villains and later the Paranormal Liberation Front. Dabi is a ruthless and sadistic pyromaniac who can create and manipulate blue flames. But who is he really, and what is his connection to one of the main protagonists, Shoto Todoroki?

Dabi’s real name and family

In Chapter 290 of the manga, Dabi reveals his true identity to the world: he is none other than Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor, the current No. 1 Hero. He is also the older brother of Shoto Todoroki, Fuyumi Todoroki, and Natsuo Todoroki. This shocking revelation was broadcasted live by Hawks, a former No. 2 Hero who infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front as a double agent.

Dabi was born as a result of a Quirk marriage arranged by Endeavor, who wanted to create a powerful offspring that could surpass All Might, the former No. 1 Hero. Dabi inherited a stronger fire Quirk than his father’s, but also inherited his mother’s ice Quirk, which made his body unable to withstand high temperatures. As a child, he was eager to train with his father and learn his moves, but Endeavor soon realized that his son’s Quirk was too dangerous and unstable for him to become a hero. He abandoned his training and focused on his other children, especially Shoto, who had a perfect balance of fire and ice.

Dabi felt betrayed and neglected by his father, who only saw him as a tool and not as a son. He developed a deep hatred for him and his hero society, which he blamed for his suffering. He also resented his siblings for being favored by their father and for not standing up to him. He ran away from home at a young age and became a villain, changing his name to Dabi and dyeing his hair black. He also burned his own skin with his flames, creating scars all over his body.

Dabi’s motives and actions

Dabi joined the League of Villains under Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All For One, the archenemy of All Might. He became the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad, a group of elite villains who attacked U.A. students at their training camp. He also participated in several other battles against the heroes, such as the Kamino Ward incident, where he fought against Endeavor and tried to kidnap Bakugo; the Shie Hassaikai raid, where he clashed with Eraser Head; and the Pro Hero arc, where he confronted Hawks.

Dabi’s main goal was to expose Endeavor’s abusive past and ruin his reputation as a hero. He also wanted to destroy the hero society that idolized Endeavor and All Might, and create a new world order under Shigaraki’s rule. He believed that heroes were hypocrites who lied to the public and oppressed those who did not fit their standards. He also claimed that he had no remorse or attachment for his family, and that he only saw them as pawns in his plan.

However, some of his actions suggest that he still had some feelings for them, such as sparing Shoto’s life during their first encounter at the training camp; expressing interest in Fuyumi’s teaching career; hesitating to kill Natsuo when he was captured by Ending; and crying when he confronted Endeavor during the Paranormal Liberation War arc.

Dabi’s impact on the story

Dabi’s revelation had a huge impact on the story and the characters. It shocked Endeavor, who was trying to atone for his past mistakes and reconnect with his family; it devastated Shoto, who was struggling to accept his father and overcome his trauma; it angered Hawks, who was betrayed by Dabi after trusting him; it confused Natsuo and Fuyumi, who had mixed feelings for their lost brother; it dismayed Rei Todoroki, their mother who was hospitalized for her mental breakdown; it dismayed Bakugo, who felt guilty for being saved by Endeavor; it dismayed Izuku and his friends, who witnessed the broadcast; and it dismayed the public, who lost their faith in heroes.

Dabi’s revelation also marked a turning point in the war between heroes and villains, as it gave an advantage to Shigaraki’s side. It also foreshadowed a possible confrontation between Dabi and Shoto in the future, as they represent the opposite sides of their father’s legacy.


Dabi is one of the most complex and intriguing villains in My Hero Academia. He is the estranged son and brother of the Todoroki family, who became a villain to seek revenge on his father and his hero society. He is also a formidable opponent who can manipulate blue flames and has a twisted sense of justice. His true identity and motives have shaken the story and the characters, and have raised many questions about the nature of heroes and villains. How will Dabi’s actions affect the outcome of the war? How will the Todoroki family cope with his revelation? How will Shoto face his brother in battle? These are some of the questions that fans are eager to find out in the next chapters of My Hero Academia.

According to My Otaku World, Dabi and Shoto Todoroki are brothers because Dabi’s real name is Toya Todoroki. According to My Hero Academia Wiki, Dabi holds a huge grudge against Enji for rejecting him in the past and feeling like he was being used as a tool. According to CBR, Dabi is a victim of abuse from his father, Enji Todoroki, who only saw him as a tool to accomplish his goal, which was to surpass All Might one day. According to Anime Everything Online, Dabi had spent his entire life training and obsessing over his father’s ambition.

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