Firefly Lane Season 2 Release Date and Renewal Status Update

Friendships are integral to our everyday life. Psychologists have deduced that friendships are vital to our health and in the long run even for our healing. Shows about friendships have always circulated screens and have always been received well by the audience. The concept of friendship stirs up the conversation about found families, a term that has been popularized recently by Gen Z, which refers to finding families that isn’t related by blood. Something along the famous lines of blood is thick than water, which is intended to teach future generations about the importance of family, however, the original quote is “the blood of the covenant is thick than the water of the womb.” Inspired by the above famous quote is the reason for the creation of a story like Firefly Lane. based on the famous book by Kristin Hannah, the story focuses on the lives of two contrasting women, who are best friends despite their differences and have maintained said friendship for more than 30 years. Female friendships have always been the cornerstone of American Television, and this fine book turned into a TV show can also be considered a fine example of said statement. In this article, we shall discuss Firefly Lane Season 2.

What is Firefly Lane about?

Katherine Heigl remained off TV screens for a long time after removing herself from the toxic work environment of Grey’s Anatomy in the early 2010s. Due to her departure from the show and the various remarks made by her about the work environment, she was blacklisted in Hollywood. Slowly she returned to encapsulate audiences through her work in the State of Affairs and even worked on the popular legal drama, Suits. She additionally worked as executive producer on all shows including Firefly Lane.

Sarah Chalke is famously known for playing Elliot Reid in the famous medical dramedy, Scrubs and as Beth Smith on the animated show Rick and Morty. Unlike her screen partner, she has always been on the TV screens, entertaining thousands of audiences in these past 20+ years. She is also known famously for her role in How I Met Your Mother as Stella Zinman.

Firefly Lane explores the friendship between Tully, who is barely parented by an alcoholic mother and an absent father, a famous plotline of the ages, and Kate, who has always been shadowed by Tully, whether it be amongst her peers or even her family. The show consists of time jumps, between the 70s-80s to modern times to explain the different incidents and situations that have either strengthen or weaken the ladies’ friendship. While we as the audience are unsure of the cause of estrangement between these BFFs in the last episode which takes place during Kate’s father’s funeral, we are aware that the funeral takes place in a future situation and Tully has managed to upset Kate to the point where it has fragmented their friendship. Thr fans are very eager for Firefly Lane Season 2.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Renewal Anxiety

The fans were anxious about whether the show would be renewed due to the critical reviews the show garnered after its premiere. However, despite such claims, the author of the book has stated that there is enough material for the characters to return to the screen and grab the attention of the audience once more. Usually, in situations where the entertainment piece has been critically evaluated, the show is dropped by the network. This is however not the case for Firefly Lane Season 2.


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Firefly Lane Season 2 Update

While Firefly Lane Season 2 is not mentioned anywhere on Netflix’s rap-sheet for the upcoming months, the production house has promised season 2 will be happening shortly. What we know about the production so far is limited to the posts by the actors, for example, Katherine Heigl took it to Instagram to talk about the upcoming season 2 and the fact that they are in Vancouver filming the 2nd season. Additionally, she mentioned later in a post with her latest magazine cover about the wrap-up of production by the end of April 2022. a lot of details about the production are acquired mainly from the actor’s Instagram page.

By the looks of things, eager fans of Firefly Lane can look forward to season 2 either by the fall of 2022 or by the November or December release of the show. Until then you can watch season 1 and catch up on the various questions that have us at the end of seats that may or may not be answered in Firefly Lane season 2!

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