Fire Force Chapter 291 Read Online and Release Date Updates

Fans have been waiting for Fire Force Chapter 291 to release on the stores online wherever they can get their hands on it. The latest is to arrive in the next week but fans who love to make a countdown can’t wait for it to come out.

Fire Force has its Anime also in case someone wants to check it out and the reason the fans love this franchise and it has hugely become popular over time it was released way back in 2015 and its English versions are also released after subsequent time in a week or after.

While manga versions are far ahead and the fans are waiting for the next chapter to continue which reveals some interesting facts about the upcoming chapter. There could be possibilities of new power coming and the main lead will get some new firepower in his feet.

Let’s have a recap of what happened in the previous episodes.

Chapter 289: Becoming One

in this chapter, the main hero can be seen fighting the villain who is set on destroying the world and keeps on telling about how he can touch her because it has been decided by fate itself.

But our hero decides to keep on pushing and tries to hit her but in the end, he fails and there is one more person besides him who tells him not to let her words become him an evil side of himself.

This continues for some and in the end, the kills him by hitting an energy blast which pierces through his chest and he dies there but someone is miraculously saved when a snake appears from his chest that is known as the fire snake and he decided that he will kill assuring his brother that he won’t turn to his evil side.

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Chapter 290: Piercing Hope

in this chapter, the hero decides to kill the villain but as he does that still he is not able to touch her but he notices that he can move her hair and thus leads to the conclusion that fate can be changed it has still not been deiced yet and moves on to hit her she pushes him away and tells that he will die and become his evil side.

while his friends at 8 division are busy evacuating people out of the city the captain enters to lead evacuation that everyone notices why the captain would be here and ultimately it is someone who draws out a knife and kills one of the members that the villain tells to the current hero and he gets furious and says he will kill her.

Chapter 291: In The Second Sun

So far we know that he will turn into something and his dubbed name Devil feet will do something in Fire Force Chapter 291.

We will keep you posted about this in case we have new news on it.

Here’s how people watched and reacted to episode 290.


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