Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Read Online and Release Date Updates

Dragon Ball is not just a series but an emotion for all the anime fans out there. Dragon Ball Super is here now! We all have read so far 77 chapters of the series and are currently looking forward to reading Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78. Stay tuned with us to know all about it, just right here!

Know All About Dragon Ball Super Manga Right Here!

Before we move any further, we would like to give you a quick glance at whatever we know so far, about the Dragon Ball Super series. Currently, the show is focusing all over “Granolah the Survivor Saga”. The show released its first-ever part, 3 years ago, back in the year 2018, and is still continuing to entertain the anime fans out there. With the passing years and chapters, the show has come up with excellent plots and stories.

When Will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release? Find It Out, Down Here!

The release date is finally out. Chapter 78 of the fabulous anime tale, Dragon Ball Super is all set and scheduled to release this upcoming week, precisely on 19th November 2021. Further, the official English translation of the series will come out one day later, from the actual release date of the show, which is 20th November 2021. The timings will obviously differ according to your time zone.

  • For the Pacific Time zone, the show will come out at 9 AM, in the morning.
  • For the Central Time zone, it will release out at 11 AM.
  • Well, for the British Time zone, the show will be released at 5 PM, in the evening.

Can You Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Online?

Many manga fans out there, wanted to know whether they can read all about the tale online. Guess what! You can read it online. You can read all the latest and earlier chapters of My Hero Academia online through the official VIZ’s website. One can also get access to Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus subscription.

To ease out the process, you can also download Viz’s ShonenJump App or Mangaplus’s official app on your Android and IOS mobile phones. Why read the chapters illegally, when you can easily download the app the read it without any difficulty!

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What Does Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Hold For You?

A few days back, we saw what happened in the previous chapter of the show. Bardock advised Leek to go back home. But Bardock didn’t go with him! He soon realizes that Granolah and his mother are the last Cerealians left on the planet. Now, what will happen next?

Well, manga fans get yourself ready, as we will soon know about the past life of Bardock! Will the truth, which he has been hiding from everyone all this while, get revealed? Looks like we are going to know something shocking and surprising in the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super. Are you all ready to witness Chapter 78 of the show? For the latest updates and news, on juicy manga and anime tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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