Fantastic Four Rumor: WandaVision director in talks to direct the movie

The all-new Fantastic Four is the topic of discussion for all the MCU fans and everyone is curious to cover more about the title. Marvel has some big plans for the all-new projects and though Fantastic Four is part of the plan for the company and the fans are getting more excited about what the future hold for the upcoming reboot of the title.

There were big rumors over the time that the Marvel studios is working on the new Fantastic Four and though the news later got the confirmation of the time from the authorities while this made the authorities curious to know more about the title such as what big changes will be made over the time on the title and though the movie is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2024 and that is after the part when Fox tried to adapt the first big family of Marvel.

Fantastic Four


The MCU reboot is to be directed by Matt Shakman

The sources have also reported that the production of the movie will commence next year while the authorities are currently looking out for the cast that will suit the roles in the movie and also the crew that will be bringing back the popular heroes of MCU on the screens.

Though mention that there have been some tough discussions taking place at the time about who will be coming forward in the cast of the movie the other part which everyone is focusing on currently is who will be filling up the shoes of the director in the upcoming movie.

The Marvel studios initially handed the project to Jon Watts, who is known to be the director of Spider-Man: No Way Home while the news was already out that the personality is basically taking a break from the superhero genre and thus the situation left the company out in question to who will be then put on the chair.

The sources reported that some famous personalities such as Steven Spielberg along with Peyton Reed were rumored to direct the movie but the company has been looking out for a familiar face to direct the reboot of Fantastic Four it can be said that the decision has now been made by the authorities.

The sources have now reported that Matt Shakman, who is originally known to direct WandaVision is set to direct the upcoming movie, and not only this but the release date was also then revealed such as Fantastic Four is scheduled to release on November 8, 2024.

Also to mention that Marvel and Disney are yet to confirm the involvement of the personality in the project but the big prediction stands that Kevin Feige, who is the president of Marvel cinematics could finally come forward to make the news official at the D23 Expo presentation event which will be taking place on September 10 whereas the MCU fans have already saved the dates for the big event and more that will be made official at the time.

Matt Shakman is expected to deliver a big storyline in Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios has currently worked and planned their decision to go ahead with Matt Shakman and it is safe to say that the company has all the trust in the personality as the decision was made weeks before the event so that the announcement can be made later whereas to mention that Shakman comes out as the right choice for the company.

Hence to mention that Shakman already proved his talent with what he delivered the story in WandaVision and the series came out to be one of the most popular on Disney+ though it’s clear that Kevin Feige was impressed by the work of the personality and thus it can be said that the upcoming title will have an ultimate storyline to follow ahead along with the major details which are to be followed ahead and it could be said that the project is in safe hands at the time and that Shakman has a huge experience in the storyline background and it is yet to see what other big news regarding the title will be dropped by the authorities in time.

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