Elon Musk Want Amber Heard to be JAILED and IMPRISONED for LEAVING HIM


Three months prior to the trial of Fifty Million Dollar legal action against Amber Heard, filed by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actor who played the role of major lead in Fantastic Beasts wanted Elon Musk as well as other American authorities to be dragged into the case. The defamation case whose hearing session is to be held soon was filed against his ex-wife as she publicly called him a wife-beater. The actor, Johnny Depp wanted to have an interaction with Elon Musk so that the latter would give him all the necessary information regarding his relationship with Johnny Depp’s ex-wife.

Elon Musk and Amber Heard’s relationship

Elon Musk had an affair with the actress Amber Heard, who starred in Aquaman after her marriage failed back in the year 2016. But Johnny Depp claimed that his ex-wife had an affair with Elon Musk before their marriage came to an end. Nevertheless, these claims were denied by PayPal. Musk even kidded the previous summer about settling things with Depp in a “confine battle” when his name continued coming up at the UK criticism trial.

Five years ago, Amber Heard made a public statement that she would donate half of Seven Million Dollars which was received by her during the divorce settlement. The actress was positioned as ACLU Ambassador for Women’s Rights and was publicly thanked for her kind action. Initially, the whole fight was started when Amber Heard’s post on Domestic Violence was reposted by ALCU in the year 2018.

Who all were called in to testify?

According to resources, James Franco and Elon Musk may be called in to testify in Johnny Depp’s case against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. As revealed by US Weekly, James Franco, aged 43 years and appeared in The Spider-Man while Elon Musk who is 50 years old and is CEO of Tesla were summoned by the court. According to the filings, all correspondence between the men and Heard, 35, including allegations of bodily injuries or injury suffered by her as a result of alleged conduct by Depp, 58, as well as allegations of physical abuse or domestic violence committed by either party, should be turned over.

When is the next hearing?

Musk has to appear in the court on 24 January 2022 while James Franco has to be present in the court on 26 January 2022. Their statements are also linked with the 50 Million Dollar defamation case filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The couple was married in the year 2015 and ended their marriage in the year 2017. The actress date Elon Musk from the year 2016 to the year 2018. Johnny Depp blamed his wife for having a relationship with James Franco, however, she denied the accusations.

However Johnny Depp lost his initial case in the year 2020 after he was declared a wife-beater in an article in the year 2018 and it was proved in court. Johnny Depp was denied to verdict in the month of March. Amidst this continued fight Amber Heard had her first child through surrogacy. Let’s see what more twists and turns this long-continued fight will take.


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