Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release Date, Raw Scans and Spoilers

A new arc is getting ready for you! The “Granolah the survivor” arc is soon going to conclude. Granolah is ready to fight his final battle. Are you ready to witness Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80? A short glimpse of the upcoming chapter of the manga series has been launched. Will Granolah survive his final battle? Will he win over Gas? Stay tuned with us, to know all about Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80, just right here.

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Before we move any further, let’s quickly go through the previous chapter of the highly popular manga tale. In the previous chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, we saw Granolah getting an edge over Gas. The battle has begun. Both the parties discussed their dragon ball powers. The battle is going to be challenging for both of them. All these days, Granolah has trained himself. He has expertise in some new mysterious techniques. These are not known by Gas. He was taken aback by Granolah’s new moves. But hey there, don’t take him lightly. He will figure out a way to fight back Granolah.

Gas vs Granolah is supposed to be the final battle for the Granolah the Survivor arc. The ending to this arc will determine the beginning of the next arc. Get ready to witness the twists and turns. The story is going to get intensified. Manga fans are excited to dig deep into the series. We are highly curious to see the ending of the Granolah arc. Let’s not delay any further and jump straight into the discussion of the day.

When Will Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Release? Do We Have A Release Date?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is just around the corner. Manga fans are curiously waiting to read the next chapter of the manga series. It is supposed to roll out this week. The readers can’t wait to explore the final battle of the Granolah tale. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is set and scheduled to be launched on 20th January 2022. Your wait is about to end, as the next chapter of the manga tale is just 2 days away from you.

What Is The Plot For Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80?

The previous chapter initiated the beginning of Granolah’s final battle. The upcoming chapter surely holds a heart-wrenching battle for us. Get ready to witness Granolah vs Gas. The Granolah the Survivor arc is soon going to get concluded. Gas and the rest of the Heeters are ready with their powers. It is going to be a tough fight for Granolah.

Some of Granolah’s techniques were a mystery for Gas. But with time, he has trained himself. He knows how to tackle Granolah. Will he win over Granolah? Granolah will lose against Gas? What will happen in the battle? Well, that can only be known when the chapter gets released! That’s all for now, to receive more details and updates on the latest manga and anime tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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