Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 Raw Scans gives us a PREVIEW at who Granolah is facing next

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is approaching your way. Before the initial release date of the chapter, a short preview of the chapter has been shared by the official site of the manga series. Looks like Granolah has some tight contender ahead of him! Will she survive against him? Is this the final battle? Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 is just a few days away from us. Are you excited to witness the final battle of The Granolah arc? Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just down here!

Everything You Need To Know About Dragon Ball Super, Is Down Here!

The manga fans know, we have reached a new arc, namely, The Granolah the Survivor. After so many deathly battles, the arc has reached a brand new phase! This time, Granolah has a tough competition ahead of him. This might turn out to be his final battle. In the last chapter of the manga series, we saw, Granolah talking about his final battle of the arc. Goku and Vegeta have now taken a step back as Granolah gets ready to face the marvelous villains of the series. Gas and the rest of the Heeters are against him. He needs to win this battle to prove himself superior. In the previous chapter, both were explaining their Dragon Balls’ power. Watch out as the fight is about to start in the next chapter for the manga series.

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Short Preview Of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 – Granolah vs Gas!

Dragon Ball Super chapter 80 will soon roll out in a few days. The first look of the new chapter has been launched. The official website has finally given us a short preview of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80. Looks like the next battle is soon about to start! It’s Granolah vs Gas. Are you ready to witness their epic battle? The chapter will start from the conclusion of the previous chapter.

We all know the Granolah Survivor arc will get covered up by this year. Son is this the final battle of the arc? Not only that, but the new arc of the series is also set to be launched soon! Granolah arc is taking full power, will Granolah win the battle? Gas is not that easy to beat up! Moreover, Elec and Heeters’ roles will also get more explained in the upcoming chapters of the manga series. Chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super is knocking on your door, it is just 3 days away from you.

The next arc of Dragon Ball Super is still a mystery for manga lovers. The next arc of the manga series will be based on the ending of the current arc. What does the Granolah arc hold for us? What will happen in this final battle? Will Granolah win over Gas? Well, this can be known only when the chapter gets released on 20th January 2022. That’s all for now, to know more about the latest manga and anime series, stay connected with us, just right here.

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