Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date And Spoiler Discussion


As far as we can remember, one of the most famous anime series (which we didn’t know as anime) that made our childhood awesome was Dragon Ball Z. Now the time has changed and so is the name and timeline of this anime the current timeline of Dragon Ball franchise is known as Dragon Ball Super. And just like its ancestors, this one also has garnered quite a lot of popularity. So as Chapter 78 has already been out now, we fans are looking forward to the next upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 and with days passing by fast, we have a few more days left until its release!

Recap of Previous Chapter

Previously in chapter 78, we witnessed the continuity of the storyline about the father of Goku, the prince of Saiyan, Bardock. In this chapter, Goku and Granola are hearing out the tale of their father. By the time it was happening, granola was too naïve and young that he couldn’t understand what was happening in front of him. His mom was haunted by Saiyan Gorillas but regardless she was rescued in that chase. She and her son Granola were the only Cerealians left at that time.

In the previous chapter, the past of the Heeters will also be exposed by him that raided the planetary and murdered Muezl. Monato, the remaining Namekian was spared and he went ahead and met with the Grand Elder Namekian in order to take the Dragon Ball. Well… unfortunately the Grand elder was also dead at the hands of the raiders. That left Monato in a Hopeless state. The clash between Saiyans and Granola stopped after the arrival of Old Namekian.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is entitled ‘Gas’ Wish.’ They realize that the sky is getting darker, and Goku realizes that it is like calling Shenlong. Monato wonders if this is not what he is thinking. On that side, Dragon Shenlong appears and tells Elect to tell him the wish as he has collected two Dragon Balls. The aliens wonder why it is so dark. Darkness disappears and Goku wonders what happened.
Vegeta hears a powerful signature and asks Goku who says that is coming for them. Granola realizes that he is aware of this power, and he is almost indifferent to the pressure of that force. They saw two boys on the mountain. Maki and Oil greet them, and Goku realizes that it was the 2 cheaters. Goku tells the two that he knows the story and asks them why they came out. Maki responds that they are here to remove the garbage as their plans are still ongoing. He thanks Granola for being a good player. Granola scolds Heeters for their actions. Maki talks about a wish made by Elect.

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Expected plot for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79

In the Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79, we expect to see Gas suggesting to kill the Namekians, Saiyans and Granola, this chapter will see Gas attacking Goku and Granola and will easily overpower Granola easily.

When And Where to Watch?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 is supposed to be published publicly on 20th December of this year.

If you’re a browser-type person, you can Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 officially on Viz.com and for free on Manga Plus and if you’re a mobile-type person, you can read it on the Tachiyomi app for free.

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