Jennifer Lawrence had a Near Death Experience and Is AFRAID of Private Jets; Here is what happened

Jennifer Lawrence remembers a scary experience on a private jet when she felt scared for her life. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence discussed a life scary moment when she boarded a private jet. The insights of the experience were so scary that the actress suffered eternal trauma. The actress witnessed death in front of her eyes during this travel. The actress who was also a part of Hunger Games was afraid she would die on the plane and also felt bad for her dog, who was also on board. Jennifer, who is 31 years old, also revealed the horrifying incident in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, where she also discussed the “never-ending pain” of having her private nude photos published.

Jennifer Lawrence was pregnant when this incident happened, she was traveling from her native place, Louisville along with her brothers to New York City in the month of September in the year 2017. Suddenly, the pilot lost control of the plane as one of the two engines of the private jet failed. At the time of the incident, the actress was all set to welcome her first child along with her husband Cooke Maroney. During the interview, the actress revealed that she had accepted the fact that she would die on the flight. She also disclosed that she started praying to The Almighty to save her life. Jennifer was compelled to join another plane after escaping the engine failure, but only with the help of medicine and some strong drink.

When the engine on a personal jet stopped working, Jennifer Lawrence was scared “she would die.” Jennifer Lawrence openly expressed her fear of dying when the engine on a private airplane broke down. Post this scary experience, the actress has become nervous to board flights. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, for her new project Mother, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that it was quite difficult for her to shoot some of the scenes of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence’s jet underwent an engine failure but the incident did not cause any serious injury to the boarders of the flight and the pilot had to do an emergency landing. The star revealed that she sometimes listens to songs of Beyoncé to calm herself whenever she has scary insights into the incident. This horrific incident has made a place in her heart and she still becomes nervous before boarding any plane.


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