Daniel Craig SECRETLY DATING Ana De Armas Rumor has left Rachel Weisz WORRIED about their marriage

About Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz relationship

The James Bond star Daniel Craig was previously married to actress Fiona Loudon from 1992 to 1994. Ella, the couple’s daughter, was born in 1992. Craig went on to date Satsuki Mitchell, however, the two broke up in 2010.

Rachel Weisz and the Cowboys & Aliens star were photographed enjoying the holidays together in the English countryside in December of that year. The couple secretly married in New York six months after they first started romance rumours. At the time, Fox praised Weisz and Craig for keeping their personal lives discreet, revealing that the rest of the group found out about their relationship “afterwards.”Several years later, the actress from The Favourite explained why keeping her marriage hidden was a good idea.”He’s just too well-known….” You must safeguard your marriage. You tell your girlfriends anything when you’re young. One of the best things about not being an adolescent is not having to share everything. That door closes after you get married. “The audience leaves, and you’re alone,” Weisz told More magazine in January 2018. Weisz and Craig announced they were expecting their first child together in the same year, and the cast of The Bourne Legacy later gushed about preparing for fatherhood.” We’re all set. She told E! News in April 2018 that she was “very excited.”

The reality of Ana and Daniel’s relationship

Ana De Armas and Daniel Craig have appeared together in both ‘No Time To Die‘ and ‘Knives Out,’ and their closeness has piqued the interest of fans. Daniel Craig is now celebrating the conclusion of his ten-year tenure as 007 in the James Bond film franchise. He is joined by actress Ana de Armas, who is the current Bond girl, in his final tour. Critics have praised Craig and de Armas’ chemistry since the publication of No Time to Die (the actress also received accolades for her sassy portrayal of a CIA operative who ends up working with James Bond). And, given their (working) background, one has to wonder just how close they’ve become.

De Armas may have met with Barbara Broccoli of the James Bond franchise several years ago, but nothing came of it. When Cary Fukunaga was hired to direct Craig’s final Bond picture, he knew right away that de Armas would be the new Bond girl. “Cary called me to tell me that this character didn’t exist yet in the script, but he kept thinking about me and would write it for me,” the actress recounted. “Daniel was entirely on board and supportive of the concept when he brought it up to Barbara and Daniel, which made me very happy.” As intriguing as the idea was, Ana De Armas was hesitant to accept the job for fear of being stereotyped. The actress told Collider, “Obviously, I was leaping all over the place and incredibly delighted. However, I needed to be certain that it wouldn’t imperil all of my hard work, that it wouldn’t ruin everything. And the Bond women have always been unrelatable, at least to me.” Craig, fortunately, knew exactly how to remedy the situation. He insisted on bringing in Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Killing Eve, who gave de Armas’ role an additional edge. Craig also told Total Film, “Phoebe came on and injected some brilliance into the scenario, and a tone I was really after.”

Things basically came into place once De Armas resumed filming with Craig. “Having met Daniel earlier on the set of Knives Out and getting along so well, there was no awkwardness when I came to the Bond set,” she noted. “It was impossible to break the ice.” It was really simple and straightforward.” De Armas was likewise relieved to learn that Craig would continue to play 007 when she joined the franchise. “With all the anxieties and pressure of going to shoot the film, I was extremely delighted (he was there…),” the actress told Flaunt magazine. “It’s always unusual on the first day of a movie when you arrive and everything is brand new. With Bond, there’s a crew that’s worked on previous Bond films, so they’re all familiar with each other—and I’m the new guy! Having Daniel at my side after Knives Out was a huge help.”

So, Ana and Daniel are just good costars and are not dating secretly at all Daniel is just supportive towards Ana and so there is nothing too worried for Rachel as well about their marriage.


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