B The Beginning Chapter 126: Release Date and Discussion

I know anime fans out there are very curious to know about the release date of the very popular manga series, namely, “B The Beginning“. Currently, all eyes are on the new season of the series. But when will we see the new chapter? What will happen next in this mysterious adventurous tale? Stay tuned with us to know all about it, just right here!

Know All About B The Beginning Right Here!

If you still don’t know about the series, then are you even a heart-core Anine Fan? B The Beginning is a very popular series on the giant streaming platform Netflix. So far we have received two blockbuster seasons of the show. Well, last season didn’t have that many episodes for the show. Thus Anime fans demand further seasons and episodes.

It is a sci-fi animated anime series. The plot revolves around an epic adventure mystery and crime tale. This happens to be one of the best anime series out there. The series has got a very generous rating of 7.2 on the IMDb platform. So far we have got 18 episodes for the show. With the episodes passing by, the story of the show also became very interesting for the viewers out there.

A few months ago we received the second season of the show, but it had only 6 episodes. The second season of B The Beginning, came up with so many twists and turns. The audience loved the complexities of the show and we’re looking for more. Thus do we have a new chapter, a new tale for the show? Or is the show over? Find it out, down here!

What Does The Plot Of B The Beginning Hold For Us?

The anime series revolves around the city named, Cremona, which is situated in Italy. The show is full of adventure and action. Story of the tale centers around a man named, “Killer B”, who happens to be a highly experienced and skilled serial killer. But the criminal will soon be caught! We have a trio to chase “Killer B”. Our trio symbolizes, the famous protagonist Koku; Keith, who happens to be an extraordinary investigator of the Royal Investigation Service (RIS); and also a suspicious organization who is a specialist to deal with criminals. If you still haven’t seen the series, then what are you waiting for? Definitely see the two seasons of the show, exclusively just on the platform of Netflix.

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When Will New Chapter Release For The Anime Series, B The Beginning?

Currently, Anime fans really want to see a new chapter in the tale for the show, B The Beginning. We are all highly curious to see something new on our plates. Fans out there, definitely want to see some more episodes of the show. But do we have some new episodes on board?

The first season of the show, B The Beginning was released 3 years back, on 2nd March 2018, exclusively just on the platform Netflix. While the second season of the show was aired on the same streaming platform, precisely on 18th March 2021. If you look closely, then you will find a gap of almost 3 years between the two seasons. Thus the next season of the show is planned and will roll out after 3 years, maybe somewhere around 2023.

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