After Charlie Cox, There is Hope for Krysten Ritter and Jon Bernthal to Returning in the MCU

Charlie Cox is famous for his role in the Daredevil Netflix series, Though the series ended in 2018. There are still good chances of returning it. Recently he has been on the news because there is a chance that his Daredevil character could be in the movie since the trailer dropped for Spider-man: No way home and the fans have pointed out the minor details from the trailer and suspect a scene where they could see the fabrics of red same as Daredevil.

You can see the Easter eggs Related to that in here…

When Charlie Cox was asked for the same he denied the rumors that his character will not be there. But he has no issues playing it and he would love to return to his DefenderUniverse in which he had the most amazing team there where he was fighting crimes and solving crimes.

when asked further he said he would not like to comment on the matters which he doesn’t even know and that won’t be fair to anybody if I just say what in want to – This could be interpreted as that he doesn’t want to upset anyone by saying and killing his chances of being Daredevil if the series gets made in the future.

While he was asked the Series The Punisher he said he would love Jon Bernthal to reprise the role of The Punisher, he said if there are chances that The Punisher is going to have new series he would love to see the Jon Bruthal plays the role of Punisher, Jon Brethal is Huge popular and loved by his fans because of the kind of role he plays, but in the series, THe punisher by Marvel hee did outdo himself and his role is certainly a Marvel fan can never forget.

Also, he said that he would love to see Daredevil and Punisher together in a spin-off where things can get interesting as nobody knows what will happen but it will be surely great to watch them together.

Charlie Cox also said that he would love Krysten Ritter to return as Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones is one of Marvel’s favorite crime-solving detectives and has 3 seasons of it and Krysten Ritter is famous for her role. Charlie Cox said he would love to see her back on the screen and that he is an admirer of work and her acting.

He said the role couldn’t have been played better than the ones who have already played it.

While Jon Bernthal himself said his role is something he would love to do but he is not stressing about it that and his life is going he is already busy with other things in life.

While Krysten Ritter said she would sure love to play the role of Jessica Jones and would love to be back.

While Marvel has opened the Doors to Multiverse and seems that anything from other words and can be added to the timeline there could be chances we can get to see all the together soon in a spin-off series or a movie maybe.


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