Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date, Anticipated Plot and Where to Stream

Anime is one of the best interests of people and they want to watch the anime series at any cost. As this type of series always lets you have action, drama, thrill, horror, suspense, and comedy. Many animes are there which are loved by people all around the globe. Chainsaw Man is a manga that is going to join the world of anime, as it is going to be serialized. If you want to know everything about Chainsaw Man anime, then you are at the right place. Continue reading to know about the upcoming and most anticipated Anime.

Chainsaw Man anime is based on the manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto. This action, comedy, horror, and dark fantasy manga had eleven volumes as of March 2021. Fans loved the story of the manga of Chainsaw Man. The critics also have positive reviews of the Japanese Manga series Chainsaw Man. And now, an anime series is going to release and fans are expecting that just like the manga of Chainsaw Man it is also going to be awesome as this is anime it will be seen what criticisms will Chainsaw Man anime gain. The anime series has been written by Hiroshi Seko and directed by Ryu Nakayama and Makoto Nakazono. Fans can’t wait for the release of the series.

Chainsaw Man Anime

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What is the release date of Chainsaw Man?

The hype of this anime is at its peak height. And fans want to know the release date of Chainsaw Man. As just partial release date has been confirmed as we get to know that Chainsaw Man anime is going to debut in October 2022. However, it is not yet confirmed what will be the date of the first episode of the anime. The chief content officer at Crunchyroll, Asa Suehira said that the anime fans will be up at night thinking about spectacular visuals and high-octane actions. Asa Suehira’s words are noted below.

“With dark humor, dynamic characters and a sharp story, Chainsaw Man is one of the most anticipated new series this year and we are wickedly excited to bring it to fans on the Crunchyroll service. Anime fans will be up all night thinking about the spectacular visuals and high octane actions.”

Asa Suehira’s words about the release of the anime.

Is there any official trailer for the Chainsaw Man series?

Well, it is very easy that there is an official trailer for Chainsaw Man anime. There are two trailers released for the anime. The first trailer of the Chainsaw Man anime series was released in June 2021 MAPPA released a trailer for the anime during its 10th anniversary. And the second trailer of the anime was released on 5th, August 2022. You can check out the first trailer below.

The second trailer gives a lot more detailed look at the characters in the Chainsaw Man anime. Fans have loved the trailer and now, they are waiting for the series to come. Check out the second trailer of the anime below.

Where we are going to stream the anime?

In every anime, streaming is very important as to where you will be able to watch that particular anime. And in the case of this anime, you can’t miss a single episode of it. But you don’t where it is going to stream. Well, we got you here. You can stream the anime on Crunchyroll. Chainsaw Man anime will start streaming in October 2022.

The cast of Chainsaw Man anime

The cast of Chainsaw Man is awesome as it was revealed. The characters of Manga have now got the voice in the anime.

Denji a.k.a Chainsaw Man will be voiced by Kikunosuke Toya.

Makima will be voiced by Tomori Kusunoki.

Aki Hayakawa will be voiced by Shogo Sakata.

Power will be voiced by Fairouz Ali.

Fans can’t wait to watch Denji and their favorite characters in action in the Chainsaw Man anime. It was previously a manga now you can watch it like an anime series as it is joining the world of anime. The release date of the anime was partially confirmed as we only get to know the month and year as the month is October and the year is 2022 which is this year. But what date this series is going to release is not yet confirmed. Fans were expecting that the release date will be announced soon. Fans are excited to watch the first season of the anime and to see Denji and other characters in action.

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