Boruto Episode 226 Release Date On Schedule, Leaks And Spoilers


After the Fourth Shinobi World war which ended successfully, the hidden leaf village is now going through a time of tranquility, enrichment, and advanced technological growth. All this is possible because of the endeavor of the Allied Shinobi Force and the seventh Hokage of the village, Naruto Uzumaki. Developing like an advanced capital, the village has transformed along with the lifestyle of shinobis. Under the supervision of Naruto and his friends and whole new Ninja, generation has grown up to walk in the way of Shinobis.

As Boruto episode 225 has been released a few days back, let’s talk about Boruto Episode 226.

Recap of the Boruto Episode 225

Before jumping straight into the main topic of Boruto Episode 226, let’s have a look into the previous episode. Kawaki becomes angry and starts fighting with Shinki. But Shinki makes Kawaki bite the dust warns him not to cause any ruckus and watches the tournament. Now, Shinki gets back to his lace and the tournament between Chocho and Sarada begins. Chocho confesses to Sarada that she never thought this day would come. But they agree with each other to go with their best performance.

Expected Plot for Boruto Episode 226

At the beginning of Boruto episode 226, we see a fight between Chocho and Sarada is just about to start. When Konohamaru announces that Chocho will fight with Sarada, that made them feel astonished as it was totally unexpected to them while the guy who abducted Amadao, got tracked by Boruto and Mitsuki. On the other hand, Shikadai meets with Inoji who was sitting alone. Chocho meets the two of them and tells them what was actually going on. But they don’t seem to be surprised after hearing that Sarada is her rival. Inoji makes Chocho remember her pledge. Chocho seems kinda surprised seeing that Shikadai is not wearing his vest (oh, he’s a Chunin already). She thinks that he might not want to hurt the feelings of others as they’re still not Chunin. Inoji said to Chocho that they will put the vest together after they all get the title of Chunin. Chocho goes back to the competition and sees that in spite of the fact that she will face Sarada her mind is not clouded anymore.

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When and Where to Watch Boruto Episode 226

Boruto Episode 226 will be released on 28th November of this year. Naruto is happy to see these two show off their best skills. Shikadai mentions that a clash between friends is kinda okay. Sasuke is looking from the other way, and Naruto wholeheartedly trusts that he is present. Sarada unleashes Chidori as they both deliver their signatures. Chocho fainted, and Sarada was declared the match-winner. Let’s take a look at Boruto: Naruto-Next-Generations Episode 226 official details.

Boruto Episode 226 is going to be broadcast on Funimation AnimeLab on 28th November, Saturday at 5:30 PM Japanese Standard Time. If you’re from another country, you can watch the upcoming episode on Funimation and VRV. So, fingers crossed! A few more days left for the upcoming Boruto Episode 226!

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