Android 11 Update Shows Google Guacamole In The Works; Allows Users To Skip Saying “Hey Google”

If you are an Android 11 user you have probably noticed a strange option that has surfaced called ‘Guacamole’. Well, not all Android 11, but only in the latest Google app beta (12.5) running Android 11. We have not yet been able to decipher what that particular feature does for us but it is being speculated that Google is testing this new voice assistant to which we could simply command what we wish for, like stopping the alarm or answer your calls, without even saying, ‘Hey Google.’ Talk about the future is now!!

Other features that we are getting from android 11

Most people believe that the Android 11 is not much different than its predecessors but there are a few tweaks that we should keep in mind with the new update. Android as well all know is the biggest holder of the consumer market and it is very exciting to see new features being brought to the buyers. Chat bubbles in Android 11 shroud your progressing discussions in little bubbles on your screen. You can move the bubbles around, and tapping on them uncovers that particular discussion. The Bubbles API is accessible for all informing applications, with Google urging engineers to embrace it. In another push to ensure you can get to your messages as fast as could be expected, Android 11 presents a devoted discussion area in your notice conceal that offers moment admittance to any continuous discussions you have. It likewise makes it simpler for your informing warnings to stand apart from others, guaranteeing you never miss a significant book until kingdom come. Discussing messages and warnings, Android 11 makes it conceivable to send pictures straightforwardly from the notice conceal when answering a message. In Android, when an application requests consent to utilize touchy highlights like your location, receiver, or camera, you can decide to just allow it access on a one-time premise. The application will actually want to utilize that authorization during that occurrence of you utilizing the application, yet the consent is denied when you close it. The following time you utilize the application, and it needs to utilize that authorization, it should be conceded admittance once more. Giving applications consent to these parts of your telephone ought not to be trifled with, so we’re excited to see Google giving clients more authority over their personal information like this.

A relief for all the amateur influencers and mobile gamers around the world

People who use android can now be at peace because Google is finally bringing what most online artists wanted for a long time. For the past few Android releases, we’ve been patiently waiting for Google to add a built-in screen recorder. It’s not something you’ll use every day (if ever for some people), but the fact that such a basic function isn’t baked into Android at its core is getting annoying. Thankfully, Android 11 finally changes that. This Android version does include the feature, accompanied by a clean UI and toggles for recording audio and showing touches with your recording. We are waiting eagerly for these new features to turn up on the next update.

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